A Tiny Tiney


Hello everyone!

I just finished a short called A Tiny Tiney. Since I started it while I was still a supervisor at VFS I thought the students who attended the presentations would like to see the final.

I’ll have my next short, “Happiness” up soon, as well as “Don’t Matchsticks With Play” (I try to do 3 shorts a year). You can check out the short at my studio website.


Please check back there in a few weeks time as I’m planning on showcasing some old and new works, as well as tutorials and other fun stuff.

And for all of my students, I hope you are all doing well!



Loved the animation. Went to term 4 after you left. I’ve never seen your animation before but looks amazing!!! Great idea too :D. Anyway i’m looking foreward to the next short.

Best Regards,


sorry… didn’t mean to post twice!!! :smiley:


awesome stuff, i really liked the visuals as well as your animation , too bad your not at vfs no more , i think i met you years ago when i was in high school , our film teacher took us to the film fest and you were showing us that mechanical spider moving thru the chair legs, at the time i had no idea exactly what i was seeing but it was one of the experiences i had as a young kid that sparked my mind to the possibilities in cg, anyways a bunch of years later here i am at vfs,(sorry if that wasnt you but i remember clearly a “shawn”) anyways looking forward to your next short, :slight_smile:


Allo there Shawn,

I have been longing to see the final version of this short as I attended your presentation when you showed the 2d animatic. It turned out really great. Look me up if you do ever visit Sunny Singapore ; ) and hope our path will cross again. There is so much that I hope to learn from you… and your classes has been so inspiring to me.

adrian ng


Thank You!

Biren, your name sounds familar to me…did I sit in on your presentation? Hope everything is going well with you.

Is it Herber? Yes, that was me! That was really long ago…almost three years? It was the workshop on VFX…I enjoyed doing it.

[sorry I edited this post as I took down the link]

And Adrian, It’s nice to hear from you! give me an email and we’ll chat. And I don’t think I’ll be in that area anytime soon but I may turn up someday…


Hi. This is Himanshu from 3d46(dont expect you remember, since you left by the time i was in term 4)
Really surprised to see you post here. Really good work, its the first time I’ve seen your work and I enjoyed the piece a lot. Look forward to see more shorts from you soon.

See ya!


Thanks Himanshu

Yes, this is my very first post! I tend to stay away from the internet entirely as one could spend hours here (hours that I feel better spending in study or in 3d), but on this one occasion I thought I’d post. I’m putting my head down going into production on another short tomorrow so I’ll problaby disappear again for a bit. I now have a studio site (Thanks Kuan!) which I’ll be using to showcase my stuff from here on in.

Good bye for now, and work hard (like that sign in “Antz”…spare time is for training)!


PS Hey! What are you doing reading this anyways? Back to work, you! I’ll have to tell Mike to yell at you more!


yup that was it shawn! , hehe i remembered it a little different but thats definately it , i like the other vids you threw in there as well , cool stuff :slight_smile:


I just met you once in term 3 presentation. Best advice i got from you… “Think about functionality”. Well i did, and i did post it on cgtalk. well the final reel is at http://www.vfs.com/~3d46biren/3D46_Biren_Demo_Reel.mov. not exactly “Final” final :D. Tha advice just makes making robots soooo easy, details just show up. :slight_smile: Thanks again!!!



hah! thats simple and cool. nice stuff shawn! I was a tad supprized to see you posting here too. thanks for sharing tho. i met you once with 3d45 when you gave the whole vfx streem speach. I’m glad to see what you’re up to now :slight_smile:


I love it :slight_smile:
first 'cause i love the airplane… thats remember me when i’m young :smiley:

i like the bouncing of the jacket when he run on the cloud
and i love his expression at the end of the movie…

realy nice man :bounce: (4 star for me) :thumbsup:


you mastered the task where pixar and dreamworks imo often failed. you created a human child that is “surrealistic” enough to be appealing in 3D

beautifull short


hello shawn…
Tiny Tiney turned out to absolutely spectac! i remember watching your presentation in class 3d46 and it was still a work-in-progress. and here we are seeing the finished product. awesome stuff… truly inspiring. too bad you had to leave. you are missed. :slight_smile:


Thank you TeSSa and mimo8.

To TeSSa - I really enjoyed my time at the school, and I hope I made a difference in everybody’s work. Teaching is a very challenging and rewarding occupation, one that I plan to come back to time and again. As it is right now, I’m really interested in stepping away from VFX and focusing on narrative based 3d. I’m still building lessons as I go through these shorts, so teaching is still in the blood!

To mimo8 - The compliment is really appreciated. I am trying very hard to create 3d that evokes an emotion other then "cool!” I still have a long way to go before I master the medium and as such am free to say any and everything I’d want to say, but I’m working towards that goal.

I look to the masters of animation, people like Yuri Norstein and Hayao Miyazaki, and feel the depth, the humanity and the simplicity of their work. While I have no interest in emulating them or the works they have produced, I would like to continue to create animation that, like them, touches people in some way.

It’s a long process I think, and one that takes many tries, successes, and failures. It’s the reason I’m trying to do as many short animations as possible, to explore first hand the strengths and weaknesses of this medium while also finding my own voice. I’m really glad that the work I’m doing is beginning to be appreciated by people.

Thank you.



Wow that was simply amazing great story (we all dreamed as kids so most people can relate)…the animation and secondary actions with the clothes, movement and run were flawless…thank you for sharing that with us…i aspire to get at your level:wise:


Good to know you’re doing well, Shawn.
We’ll be looking forward to your other shorts.
May your work continue to inspire…
Best of luck.

Much Respect,


I’m speechless… simply stunning.

BTW… shouldn’t this be in the new hosted gallery?


Shawn why did you take down the link to the second short “The Hole”? I was lucky enough to see it and I like it. I would love to see more of your work on your website.



Sorry about that Himanshu

I posted that on a friends temporary FTP just for a bit. I have just got a new host for my website that can take the traffic that it has been recieving and we are going to be setting up a full site with “The Hole”, “The Traveller”, “On the Mating Behavior of Milk” as well as other legacy works soon. It’s been taking a lot longer then expected but I hope everything will be done by late September.

I also be posting some work from my new short as well, as I’m a good way into it now.

Sorry for the wait…