A Tale for Christmas - Web Landing Page, Matt Dragovits (3D)


Title: A Tale for Christmas - Web Landing Page
Name: Matt Dragovits
Country: USA
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

This is a 3D scene that I built in Maya to promote an original screenplay that I’ve written. The story is meant to be shot in stereoscopic 3D. I am working with a veteran Disney Animator who directed and managed a stereoscopic 3D studio for three years. He is bringing life to my concept art. I will be modeling the characters out and posting some of them as I move forward. We are actively seeking out studios and producers to help get the project financed.

The story is designed to have the innocence of Rankin Bass, the originality of Don Bluth, and the cleverness of Pixar. High standards indeed! We truly feel the story has the potential to be an endearing Christmas Classic for years to come.


Good model and textures. the bump on the surface is bit hard.


Cool! As Christmas is my favorite holiday by a long shot, and having two young daughters (4 & 5.5 y/o), I really look forward to your successful completion of this project!!!

I like the book, looking forward to future renders as you progress!

Good luck,


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