a small gift for you guys (brush textures)


Great work man, and thanx for the brushes!!!




Thanks for these. Hopefully they will be usefull. I expect they will.


Can anyone tell me how to use/import these brushes in Painter 8? I did some noodling but didn’t have any luck figuring it out… Thanks!


hey, dunno, but when i use them its not one line, but layers over each other…?
(guys know what i mean?)


Thank you so much for the gift, my current way of painting trees usually manages to kill me by the end of the day. The bark one is outstandingly useful. Great job!


Now I feel bad, balistic. I didn’t get you anything for Christmas. [](javascript:smilie(’:cry:’))


Great brushes, just one problem. Could someone tell me how to get them into Photoshop the right way? I did Define Brush but the brush was just one big brush. Perhaps you can only do it in painter?


Balistic, thanks this will add new learning tools for me in Corel PhotoPaint. I have had CD 9 suite for a few years and didn’t attempt to learn from it. So after my other computer crashed in a major (no save) way. Trying to obtain the service packs was a pain in the #**. SO my son gave me the CD 11 suite, because I have been teaching my self how to work with CD 9 and lost a lot of info. I sure like retirement, Thanks again. :thumbsup: :applause:


The easiest way for me to use the texures is to open each one in Photoshop. Select All and go to Define Pattern under Edit. You can then go to your Brushes floating palette and under Presets (where Shape Dynamics tops the list on the left side), click on the Texture checkbox. You then see a small preview of your saved textures. Select one of the new textures. Two important variables to adjust are the scale slider and Mode within that palette. The Mode offers the usual PS options. For example, Multiply does something quite different than Color Dodge. Play with it to see what settings work best.

You can use the Tool Presets palette to save the exact combination of settings (including color) that you like best. Experiment and have fun!


How do you make the paper textures in Photopaint? I saw a canvas effect…but that’s just a one time deal. I’m using Photopaint 12, and I’d like to try and set up these textures that you made to give them a try :slight_smile:


Great textures! I can’t wait to play around with them…Thank you:)


I haven’t used version 12, but in 10 it works like this: when you have a brush selected, go to the brush options palette (it may not be enabled by default), and there should be a heading called “brush texture” where you can load an image and set the texture amount.


Ah yes I found the brush settings menu and was able to apply the brush texture there, thanks! :slight_smile:


Adobe photoshop cs:

edit->defien brush present

select the brush and get some kind of bug :confused: heres the pic

hope you help :wink:


looks like you’re trying to use it as a nib or brush, instead of as a paper texture (not sure what PS calls this).


if you use small pieces of those images you can solve this problem…
but i am not sure it is the right way…

thanks balistic for your useful brushes.


Thank you very much !


Thanx heaps for the brushes!!!


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