a simple MassFX question


when using Mcloth… how do i view the result of my simulation… before i bake the animation (which takes some time)?

i can watch it as it sims… but it’s hard to get a good look that way


you press the MassFX play button. However, depending on the complexity, you’re probably better off insta-baking it. You can unbake just as easily.


“insta-baking?.. where is that?”


Oh, I meant instantly baking the animation even to preview it on account of the real-time play-back performance being terrible. yes you have to wait for it to bake, but then you can see exactly what it looks like realtime.


i see. thanks for the advice.

i’m doing 700 frame cloth animations then point cacheing them. it seems to take a long time and the baking process is quite long too.

as per for suggestion of hitting the play massfx button after doing the sim…when i do that it just starts the sim over again… is your setup different.

i’m using max 2017


Pressing play on the MassFX toolbar is a waste of time for anything other than the most simple of tasks. You need only bake as that also computes the simulation.

This is why I said instantly bake it as soon as the scene is set up.


There are some check boxes you can tick to make you feel like it is computing it quicker.


yep… i use both the multi-threading and hardware acceleration.

in my case that’s 36 threads… even with that, baking 700 frames takes around 45 minutes.

with the cloth modifier you can just scrub the timeline and basically watch it… with massfx you can’t do that until you bake it.

that’s why i want to find a way to see what i have before i commit to baking.

hopefully that makes sense.


“with the cloth modifier you can just scrub the timeline and basically watch it… with massfx you can’t do that until you bake it.”

After you’ve simulated it you can. The MassFX equivalent of Simulating is Baking. With the cloth modifier, pressing “Create keys” is the quick bit.

MassFX is just really inefficient. If you load up the task manager, you’ll probably find its using less than 25% of the processing power.

I wonder if a processor with fewer, but faster cores would help you or if your scene is unnecessarily complicated. Although, 36 threads sounds like an i9 rather than a dual socket Xeon so you’ve probably already got the best tool for the job.

Baking might take slightly longer than merely pressing play on the MassFX toolbar, but at the end of baking, you’re actually left with something useful.

Did you not start with a low poly proof of concept before cranking up the detail?


i’ve tried other software packages like lucid and syflex…but they were unstable and crashed a lot. oh well i guess i’m stuck with ye olde Massfx

thanks for the help!!!


I might be wrong, but I think MassFX uses about 12.5% of an 8 threaded machine (4 cores) because it can’t actually do hyper or multi threading.

So with your machine, it might be using less than 3% (2.778) of the processing-power.