a shuttle lands in Africa


Hey everyone

Please check out our new website Atomic Visual Effects and take a look at some of the work created by the artists here. There are a couple of clips to download, including one of a space shuttle landing right in the middle of Cape Town…


The work done on the Space Oddity piece is quite amazing (definately reminds me of 405— who was first??). I would love to see larger DivX version. The composting work is very well done especially when the shuttle tail hits the overpass.
One remark for the sound FX people though, the shuttle makes unpowered landings so the “engine wind-down” sound effect (common to a turbofan engine) at the end is somewhat inaccurate.
Great work!


Hi, thanks for the compliment, heheheh I was one of the artists that worked on it (well, to be specific, I textured the shuttle and cars)
As for the sound fx - well, imagine how awful a sci-fi movie battle would be without all the lasers and explosions in space… heheheh I know it’s unrealistic, it actually bugged me too, but that’s the way the boss wanted it :bounce:
Glad you enjoyed it!
Btw, I still think one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time was 2001:A Space Oddessy because of the silence in space in that fim :slight_smile:


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