A Samsung NVME Pro vs Evo question for a Generalist workflow


Hey folks
I am posting this question and scattering it around theinternet on a few different forums in hopes that someone will take it upon
themselves to come back with some sort of answer for me.
I am asking this question in terms of a purchasing decisionspecifically concerning M.2 NVMe 3.0 x4 and Samsung’s EVO and PRO
offerings. I am also only interested incapacities over 1TB version 960 or 970 or a combination of them. The motherboard
I have purchased has two slots which I will fill as I can afford them so this
is not a question of either or but of planning to maximize my systems resources
practically without over spending.


Here is what I know or at least pretend to understand. MLC flash memory is better than TLC flashmemory because:

  1.  It’s faster than TLC
  2.  It’s able to run file transfers without taking abreath.  Therefore, it does not bottleneck or stall.
  3.  Has a better warranty

TLC Memory is:

  1.  Plenty fast
  2.  Considerably less expensive
  3.  Will only sustain transfer as long as its(Frankly huge) buffer will allow.

So that known some people need Pro/MLCit’s a no brainer for them. I could see it being a significant advantage in
server applications or anytime you want to move huge files. Though I do move big files often I am notsure I am willing to spend an extra grand to transfer data between two work
drives. More than likely I will betransferring the biggest of my files though a sata 6 bottle neck to a regular
yet fast ssd drive like a 2TB CrucialMX500 or 2TB Seagate FireCuda for back up or for fetching rescources.
For me the main focus of thismachine is a 3ds Max workstation. As afreelance digital art generalist I do work on a wide variety of projects that
include a very wide variety of software and rendering tools. These include but
are not limited to:

  1.  3DS Max
  2.  Cinema 4d
  3.  The whole of the adobe Suite with a focus onAfter Effects, Photoshop and illustrator
  4.  Real Flow
  5.  Cinema 4D
  6.  Marmoset tool bag
  7.  Unreal and soon Unreal Studio
  8.  Unity
  9.  Zbrush
  10. Key Shot
  11. Substance designer in all of its forms
  12. Marvellous Designer
  13. Auto Cad (mostly for fixing things for Import)
  14. I use Vray and other renderers depending on thefinish I am looking for
  15. Davinci resolve

I have other machines that I usefor everyday stuff like the web bookkeeping and media and a hillbilly network
(I am a certified lefty hick so no offence to my neighbors). I am moving toward a NAS based set up but that is a moving target right now. Work can get in the way of best intentions.You get the Idea.

Rendering is a huge part of myworkflow. I like to pre-render byelement then assemble final render in post so I have the most control of the
finished product. So think many layers and multiple render passes.

Here is what I am thinking as for how I will set up my system. The boot drive will hold all of my software, two decades worth of custom hand crafted texture maps, my custom animated alpha’s and other render time elements. All ofmy 3d and 2d kit and reference will sit either on a reference 2TB mx500 or on my media machine and be accessible via network or residentially respectively.
The second NVMe drive will be all about Swap or as the kids say cache and as a target for output.

You can be sure that I am interested in hearing about what you think would be the optimum workstation but the focus of this question is the mentioned drives. So
feel free to shoot me suggestions but most of this machine is bought.

Thanks for your consideration.


It doesn’t matter. Assuming we’re talking the Samsung 960/970 EVO/PRO models. They’re all sufficiently fast and sufficiently durable for the average user. I have all four models in various workstations and servers. I couldn’t tell you the difference without opening the machine to see what’s actually in it.


Thanks Olson
I appreciate the answer. I had come to a similar conclusion just short of the comparison between the 960 and 970 pro models. Considering that the 2 TB 960 pro is currently $700.00 more than the 2 TB 970 evo I think I can safely let my wallet make the decision for me without fear of investing in a $1000.00 bottle neck. This has been my issue/Question all along. I am more interested in maximizing my investment and well if it is going to cost me more to have something that works significantly better then… It doesn’t seem that is the case and the 2 TB 970 EVO will just work fine.
Once again thanks for the feedback.


Ditto, you’re unlikely to be able to spot a difference. I’d only go with the pro if im doing something with so much IO that it has a chance of wearing the drive down. Unless youre emptying and filling the drive every day, the evo will be fine.