A Sad Tale


I have been computerless for about 2-3 mths…no Internet, no 3D modeling, no story writing…no journals…no chatting…nothing…

About 6-8 mths ago…I bought a computer from a company (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say the name):

Mid-Tower ATX Chassis w/300W PS Athlon 64 Motherboard
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+ w/ HyperTransport Technology
1GB DDR333 PC2700 Non-ECC Memory (512MB x 2)
160GB Ultra ATA (7200rpm) IDE Hard Drive
ATI Radeon 9200SE 8X 128MB DDR AGP Card w/ TV-Out
4X/2X DVD-R/-RW Drive
56K V.02 PCI Modem
7 in 1 USB2 Card Reader
LOgitech Internet Keyboard
Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse
Firewire 3-Port PCI Card

Very nice computer…until…weird stuff started happening…weird grinding sounds…
When I modeled characters…it would freeze up…and I would get error messages over and over and over…so, after continous freezes…I decided to buy a new card…an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro…after that…things were ok…only for a month…

One sad day my computer took a nose-dive and died (now keep in mind that I’ve only had the computer for like 4-5 mths)…I could turn the computer on…but it would not give a signal to my monitor…“No biggie”, I thought, “maybe my monitor is screwed up somehow.”
Nope…my monitor is A-OK.
So…I called the “customer support”.
The lady tried to convince me that a virus had hit my computer…and she was giving me all these steps to take…she wouldn’t even let me explain my problem completely. And she also told me NOT to send the computer back…cause I should learn “HOW TO FIX IT ON MY OWN”. Finally, when she shut up…I told her that I couldn’t see anything on my screen, so how in the world can I type in all these commands?
“Oh,” she said, “I"m so sorry, sweety, that you have to go through all these problems…let me connect you to Tech Support”.
So she sends my call to another company.
They were much nicer. They gave me a Return Number so they could repair it. They also told me to try to back-up my hard drive on another computer.
So I tried…but the other computer couldn’t see anything. It said that my hard-drive wasn’t formatted.
Great…just dandy.
I sent my computer to the company…
About a week later I get it back. They also give me a check-list of all the things they fixed (dvd drive, modem, hard-drive…EVERYTHING).
They replaced my hard-drive…replaced my memory…and replaced my motherboard…
I turn my computer on…and sure enough…EVERYTHING was wiped clean…I felt devastated…
So now…I have to install EVERYTHING again…I didn’t feel like doing it right then…I wanted to go online and check my mail.
But wait…there’s a problem…my modem wasn’t connecting (yeah, yeah…i got dial-up…hush)…I took my pc to a friend to check it out…and sure enough…my modem was fried…
I didn’t want to send it back for such a small thing…plus it would cost about $30 to send it off…so I bought a new modem and had it installed…
So…now my modem is working and I"m ready to install my software…but wait…whats this?
My dvd drive won’t open…and it won’t show up in “My Computer”
Plus, my sound wasn’t working…my speakers are fine…cause I use it for my tv…so now my sound card is messed up…
Out of frustration I shut-down my computer and go to bed.
The next day I turn on my computer…it freezes constantly as it boots-up…it won’t get pass the stats page without freezing…
So now…I can’t even access my computer…great
By this time…I hate computers…I called my dear-old-Dad…he’s really sick of my computer problems…so he calls the computer…
I don’t know what he said…but UPS came Monday knockin on my door, asking for my computer …

So…now, I’m sitting here at work…telling you this sad tale…and I"m still computerless
I’ve also been searching for a new computer…unfortunately my mom wants me to get a computer from a company she has heard of…i.e. Gateway, HP, Dell… :sad:
I use to have a Gateway…and I, um…killed it… …long story…

That was long…LOL

Does anyone else have a Sad computer tale…?
If so…join me in the story circle…LOL

Thanks for reading,



HP makes some great computers. Their professional workstations are second to none, IMO, build-quality-wise.

I believe the line is called “Kayak”? Look into it.



Thanks Ricky…I’ll look into that.


lol, I spotted your problem right away…AMD. :slight_smile:

were’s that flame suit smiley?


We use Dell Workstations here running Linux and they seem pretty good. Another company I worked at used Boxx machines which for Windows machines were surprisingly solid.

The slashdot purists are not going to like me saying this but I use a Shuttle XPC at home for doing my own 3D stuff and it’s been absolutely perfect so far; and small and quiet and not an ugly great beige/gray monolith to boot.

Nasty, nasty story you have there, but don’t despair, it’s one of those “if it doesn’t kill you…” blah blah type scenarios.

All the best,



My last two comps were HPs, and I have had no issues with them. Solid hardware performance, and the problems that I did have were related to me not reformatting the HD for about 3 years on the first one.

My next one will be a custom made one though, since it is cheaper.


We’re all on Boxxes running RH here. Run great as a professional workstation. Not sure I’d have one at home… it looks like the computer equivalent of a golf gti with full sports kit…


My computer came back today…I’m afraid I have to send it back, yet again.
It continuously shuts off on me.
This will be the third time I have had to send it back.
Out of frustration I shall reveal the companies name…Systemax…I bought it from Tiger Direct.
If anyone knows any very important information about this company…please please let me know…
At this point…I literally want to hit my computer with a hammer…a rusty hammer… :frowning:
I’m in desperate need of a computer…this is rediculous…so I am now seriously searching for a computer…



That really sucks. I always hate computer shopping (even though picking everything out can be fun) because of the idea that something like this could easily happen to me…

When computer shopping in the future though, if you’re not going to go for the mainstream companies like HP, Dell, etc., then you should really check up on resellerratings.com and bbb.org(Better Business Bureau) before making any purchases. A quick search on the BBB shows that this company you’re talking about has an ‘unsatisfactory’ record.

Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to a pattern of complaints an unanswered complaint, unresolved complaints and a failure to resolve complaints within the Bureau’s time frame.

Specifically our files show a pattern of complaints alleging dissatisfaction with product quality, failure to deliver promised goods, service issues, misrepresentation in advertising and marketing practices and the failure to address and overcome the basic cause of complaints brought to their attention by the Better Business Bureau.

Complaints allege customers are led to believe they are buying new, Brand Name computer systems, parts and other products with either a 90-day, or 1 year warranty. Complainants allege they are receiving generic, defective and refurbished items and only a 30-day warranty with the option to purchase the 1-year warranty. Customers who purchase the warranty also experience difficulty in getting return phone calls to get the problems fixed or replaced. Customer are told they may return the items for replacement, but they will need to pay again for the replacement and will credited back when the item is returned and received by the company.

Some of the complaints have issues with the advertised rebate, both the catalog and web site have numerous offers for items with a mail-in rebate. Upon receiving the products the rebate application is not included in the package. Customers are told the rebate application is on the website and customers are required to comply with the program and submit paperwork that they never received. Many are denied because the product they have purchased does not have the advertised rebate, the rebate has expired, and some rebates are only good if the item is purchased with a computer. Many customers feel they have been victims of bait and switch, and are unable to return the products because the package has been open. Customers who have contacted customer service with concerns have problem with getting return calls, emails, and experience unresponsiveness and unconcerned customer service staff. However, the company has responded to most complaints presented by the Bureau.

Maybe you should submit your problems to the bbb, just incase it might help other people avoid this or something?

Also… if you know enough about hardware (or have a friend that knows enough), I’d suggest possibly building your own computer. It really isn’t very hard at all, and it gives you the advantage of knowing a lot more about your computer than if you were to purchase a complete system from someone else. That way, when these sort of problems arise, you can deal with them quickly on your own. Just a thought.

Hope you finally get your computer back in working order though.


I may sound insane but I think it’s either the powersupply or bad motherboard bios. I had issues kinda like that but not to the point of dvd drive not open up though.

I think you should’ve told the customer rep to shove it, hard. Sure you need to know how to “fix” it. But how if she won’t let you tell her what the problem is?

I’m currently running a frankinstein alienware. It possess the parts from 3 computers. It’s running kinda shady right now. But no lockups (yet)


Hey cheybea, I had the same problem that your having. My machine (company name withheld, but it starts with a S and ends with a Y) died a month after I got it. Now of course I bought mine through a online auction and come to find out after I got the machine, it was a refurbished computer.

The worst thing of all is that it died just after I had got done saving all my work (4 years worth) from my portable to the internal hard drive, then formated the portable and went to bed. Well the next morning I was planning on resaving everything back to my portable and instead I awake only to get a error message on a black screen saying can not find a bootable drive.

WELL I called tech support, and I called, and I called, and I called, and I called, and I, well I think you get the idea. And the only thing they can tell me is that I have to take it to a So… oops, almost gave out the computer companies name, authorized dealer. Well that meant that I had to climb in my truck and drive all the way from Burbank, CA to Santa Monica, and that was no fun trip!!! Well they tell me the hard drive is trash, no recovery, no data, do not pass go and do not pick up 200 dollars. So they spend a day or 2 fixing it. I drive over there get it, come home, still nothing. I call tech support and they tell me oops sorry rick we forgot you need a recovery CD to make it work. That will be $30 smackers please.

I get their CD… IT DON"T WORK… I have to wait for another… I get the new CD install everything… now the video card stops working… get in the truck taking another trip… get it back home… the mouse and keyboard aren’t working… back to the shop. Well now I got my machine back after 5 or so trips and 40 bucks in gas later, and it seems to be working now.

So I feel for your pain!!!


I am just going back to the good old mom and pop shops… wher there is no calling… there’s just… "Sorry Rick, It Won’t Happen Again :slight_smile: "


Wow. I am so glad I roll my own. Makes for a sweet, no hassles experience, with quality components at a great price.

All three of my rigs run without problems and the oldest is about 5 years old (an Athlon 900). All been used practically every day too. And to you anti AMD’er up there- I got an XP1800+ and an XP3200+, all runnin’ silky. They shiny nice. :smiley:

I feel for the original poster’s problems, but about the second time through the ringer there, I’d certainly be looking to master the MINIMAL skills it takes to build your own rig.


cut your losses, video tape yourself explaining and showing all the problems, then at the end of the tape, grab a bat and smash the sob to comp. heaven. Post the vid on the net, become popular for bashing that liver=less company.

BTW, at work we use Dells and some others, Rock solid until we install ati video cards…

At home i got a dell with Nvidia, in 3 years, 1 lockup, and thats because of loose ram which i had just installed.


Yeah my number one rule is not to buy form retailers. Compaq, HP, and all the other computers sold through Best Buy and Curcuit City. Ever since I built my own with the help of friends I really have had little problems with my machine. The only thing I’ve had problems with was some crappy graphics cards.

package deals aren’t bad through www.newegg.com, www.pricewatch.com and a few others that were recommended to me which are good sites to look at. Most people don’t trust sites because they’re not local if there is ever a problem with a component. Quality is good with the sites I listed above. Most of you guys probably already know about the ones I’ve mentioned.


thats a sad, sad story, i really feel sorry for you cheybea. Hugs

id seriously reccomend a self-build. the hardware warrenties are about the same as a store-bought pc, ok, so you have to resolve issues yourself, but its a small price to pay for not having to deal with [sarcasm]“technical Support”[/sarcasm][size=2] and all the ‘helpfull’ tips youre forced to listen to before you get to speak to some moron who knows less about computers than any human on earth.

    some stupid questions you can avoid by building your own computer (that ive been asked by tech-support lines)
  (ok, so there all modem related, but thats all i could think of this early in the morning (7am here))

[Edit] ive edited this for claritys sake now that im fully conciuos


My tale of computer hate is actualy my fault…

It was a friends 21’st, and we were providing music. I have a rather large MP3 collection, so I took my HD out to use at the party. We plug it into the computer doing all the sound, and all had a really good time at the party.

Get back to my office-plus it all in…boot up… Error. Cut a long story short, because I didnt screw the drive in before I booted up (i was just checking if everything was working), the metal on metal contact with the CD Rom it was resting on shorted out the drive.

Enter the tuesday deadline, (this was sunday evening), and we have a wonderfull brew of 49 straight working hours, a couple of jugs of coffee, and caffine tablets…LOTS of caffine tablets.

But I made the deadline-and nobody was any the wiser. :wink:


I just have to add…there’s nothing wrong with the pricewatch.com site itself; It can be a great service for finding cheap PC components. But a lot of the stores they link to aren’t very…trustworthy. If you go that route, you should still be sure to give everything the resellerratings.com check. It’s getting better now that pricewatch finally added the ability for people to rate sellers that are displayed on their site, but you could still end up with major headaches if you’re not careful.

But Newegg, of course, is amazing. Every time I’ve ordered from them, the orders have arrived early, and nothing has ever been wrong with them. Very highly recommended. :slight_smile:


now that is sad … now hear my tale :


When i got my PIII 800 mhz ( wich i still have today - imagine me paintuing 2048x2048 textures in this machina - ) , 64 mgs RAM and aTrio 2d\3d about 4 years ago, it was cool…
That time i hadnt got any idea of what was “3D” …anyways, i tried to install some games, such as Red alert2, or commandos 2…fine…i go play them, they are slow as hell, about 5 FPS, i install Quake3…no opengl “wtf” i thought…
Then i installed directx, the games run faster, but oh shit , no sound…computer getting unstable…

christmas time~

I finnaly get some money, and decide to buy a new graphic card, i manage to get a Gforce2MX400 64 mgs , it was pretty cool , but it was incompatible with my “daewoo” screen , so it showed some weird stripes and sometimes it splitted itself 20 times…“wtf” i thought again…
Managed to install Quake3 , but each map loading was about 4 minutes ( i counted ) , i was despaired, my father refused to spend more money cause he told me that the computer was “expensive as hell” , ok dad, ill spend most of my economies, no problem…
Sent the Computer to a tecnician, in order to add some memory , ok, my computer is now 320 mgs SDRAM , “horray” i thought…

 BUT , when the computer returns...what do i see ? Windows XP installed, hardware problems, Constant blue screens showing intermitentely, sayng a hardware error occured, ok...
Installed drivers , updated all drivers, but wait...the sound card manufacturer no longer exists....ups...that means..no drivers...wich means....my wallet will have to look lighter...
I buy an Audigy2 , with inspire 5.1 speakers ( i also do sound design ), very good, the system seems stable, except that it now takes hell to start the computer....DAMN WHEN WILLTHIS C*** START WORKING PROERLY AFTER 4 YEARS ?!?!?!?

So : i spent about 4 times more the price of the computer in internet to get drivers, lost loads of work thanks to the blue screens, wasnt able to install decent games , and it still is slow as hell, no matter what formatation i make…

CONCLUDING : my Computer hates me…


ya I would never use a machine for graphics if I hadn’t either made it myself, and knew each and every component was from a well respected manufacturer, or buy a machine from a local store I could return it from or a internet dealer like Boxx or others that rely on their reputation with the 3d crowd.

sorry for the run on sentence.


Now I’m not going to give my two cents on whats wrong with your computer by say jackass remarks like “Have you tried plugging it in” or “Sounds like your motherboard…blah blha”. Cause that isn’t helping.

I have plenty of computer tales of crashing and not booting up. But you have heard one computer horror story you have heard them all. Its the releasing of the anger is what is needed. I found that going to a thrift store or a Salvation army store and buying one of those old 80’s Tandys they have there for like 20 bucks makes a great punching bag. Just you, a six pack of your brand of beer, the old computer, a baseball bat, hammer, pick axe, blow tourch, sulfuric acid, and a open space to let loose. Sound too much like Office Space, but I tell you its fun and you get lots of anger out.

Yay computers. :thumbsup: