a request for a future version of zbrush...please!


dear people of pixologic

i just want to make a request for a future release of zbrush…and is the option to work with a perpective camera while your sculpting...i know that the mac version has the option to enter in perp. mode..but is not posible to sculpt while your in there…

I think i`m not alone on this request…i have seen Zack Petroc mention this in several occasions…

So please consider this for a future release.


best regards


hi yolao

this feature will be available in zbrush 2.5 for pc … once it comes out.



thanks Chris…i imagin that it will be available to both mac and pc…i don`t have a mac…but i believe that in the mac version you can enter in perpective mode but you can not sculpt in that mode…so sculpt in perpective view is something that has to be in mac and pc…


Currently on the PC in 2.0 you can enter perspective mode (but can not sculpt while you are in it) as well.


How about the ability to display MULTIPLE texture maps on one model. Currently zbrush can only display ONE texture map, so if you’ve got models with 1 or more UV set, you get funny displays… ; j


^I support this 100%!!! Its annoying that I finally got multi UV displacement working, only to find that I can not texture in multiple UVs as well! Frustrating to say the least. Here’s hoping for ZB2.5 support of multi UVs in all types of maps =]


yes…i second that as well…

hey guys…is not a bad idea if this thread could become a thread to post requests to the next version of zbrush…

so…post your requests, maybe pixologic read this thread someday…


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