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Originally posted by ThePhotographer: Exactly my opinion - if you don’t want people to sell images created using your ressources - then just don’t share ! Unfortunately, I have sometimes spent time downloading things just to find out in the read me files that I was allowed to use the ressources only for my personal unprofessional use. So that would definately be a must in a ressource archive here : anything can be used in images - professional or not, but no ressources can be resold in their plain state. I hope I express myself clearly … English is not my mothertongue !

Understanding you perfectly. :slight_smile: I think what you say makes perfect sense. No one wants to read through a lengthy agreement with all sorts of stipulations and caveats. :slight_smile:




agreed. best example: the DeviantArt User’s Agreement. That’s…well…cough…legalese in its purest form.

i agree about free copright, but i don’t know how easy that is to manage in a (legally) well defined way, esp. considering the “may not sell brushes/photos/resources, but may sell pictures created with them” issue, and the fact that users in here are from all over this planet.


Yes, please… I’m trying to find references right now and I’m not having much luck. Guess I’m going to have to scrap my modelling project :frowning:


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