A Quiet Corner


Before i throw this into Finished Works. Let me know what you guys think. This is my first real Architectural Project.



Hi Neeno,
I like the stairs. Nice modeling job! It might just be the film grain, but I think the textures look too similar and could use some contrast. When I look at this scene my eye always seems to stop under the table. Maybe try playing with the lighting, shadows, camera angle, object placement a little bit.


Hi Neeno,this is a nice work mate.
About critics I agree on the fact that textures can use some work yet and I think
the light is too strong in some points.
Keep it up.


Wasn’t this over in the 3dsmax forum about the table cloth?

What ever happened to the table cloth.

DOF is way too strong by the way.



thanks guys, as i do want to get better in this area the crits are most appreciated. All the crits are positive as this image is complete i will apply all crits to following arch viz works i complete.

The table cloth just didnt suit at all mate. I’ll add him in another scene some time soon.

Thanks again.


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