A Question 4 Profs (Creating Plugins)


I’ve noticed something:
When u put series of commands into a script file and put it on a toolbar…
if u execute it u can undo it (by pressing ctrl+z) totaly, I mean u undo the whole series of commands by one undo… But!!

but when u put those series into a registered command inside a plugin u loose this feature,
I mean u can’t undo whole series… by pressing ctrl+z XSI will undo commands one by one…!

so is there a way to register a command inside a plugin and undo it all by one press of ctrl+z??

I like to use registerCommand inside plugins because it’s more powerful for packaging and archiving scripts…

Thanks 4 Reading…


I remember this being a bug in one or two releases.
I’d get in touch with Soft’s support and see what they say.


I say it was fixed in 7.01 :slight_smile:


Yes you’re right…!

I’ve tested it on 7.01 it’s done

but right now I’m still using 6.5 because of MentalRay problems

thanks for your time…


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