A project in the box...


This project is my first serious project, at the moment is off because i want finish the contest, but how i have that study for 3 or 4 months now, then i dont have time, when re start the project, i want to do a animation too, i post new pics…

Thk for view, this render is only gi …


This is excellent Miguel! Is this your concept or that car really existed?
Lots of details in there can’t wait to see it in color. Thanks for sharing.


This is a model from a car of years 40, blueprint.com i think that is.

No is a total copy but i have it how a reference…


Very nice modeling!


Here i have a pic of probe, i like give it a modern look!

I wait to have time in next mounts !



Que bueno tio.
Looks good dude.
I like the tire tracks , i was modeling some tire tracks in another app but the mesh just gets to dense.
Any chance you can show us the model in Wireframe from EIM
ANyways thanks for sharing some good images.


Thk, in next days i upload any pic… but the tire always have more dense :wink:

Is a revolve nurbs and boolean operation with other shapes…

Is nor dificcult but a few time consuming in operation.


Well, best give me your email and i send to you the file… :wink:



That will be nice if i had an old computer to run it in. I have the MacTel so i cant open any EIM file. I will be glad if u send me just the tire alone to check it out if u want ednumber0@hotmail.com


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