A piece of cake


Title: A Cake
Name: jie song
Country: China
Software: Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush

I finished my other cake
hope you like
I created this image with maya mental ray
comments crits are welcome


humm tasty… and good looking. nice job



Yum! :drool:

Bet you could fool alot of normal ppl that this is a real photo.

Only crit would be to up the shadow detail up a bit under the cake as it is a bit jittery.

Good job!


I think that might just be the reflection of the cake that you are seeing. The small pores in its surface seem like part of the shadow. (You might be seeing something else though)


the cake part looks like cork board - but the frosting and plates, etc. look excellent


Overall, I think this is a very nice piece; if it is still a work in progress, it looks complete. I appreciate the limited pallet and the composition. The cake is very convincing, and the cup in the background adds interest. I like the camera angle, too.

A few minor suggestions; the plate might be a bit too reflective, the texture can be confused with jitter, and I wonder a bit if a sponge cake would keep a hard edge like that or conform to the shape of the plate a bit more.

I also would like to see coffee in the cup, but that might just be a personal preference :slight_smile:

Motyka Johnson
Graphic Designer
Artist Rendering


That looks really good man! Only crits are the texture of the cake itself…looks a bit wooden, sort of like particle board. The reflection of the cake in the plate too throws it off a little and makes it look like the shadow is messed up. If you’re going to have the plate that reflective than other objects in the “room” would show up in it. Otherwise you might tone the reflectiveness down just a bit. Overall I love it, especially the frosting. Now I want some cake. :slight_smile:


thank you guys for your nice comments


Nice!! The frosting looks 100% better and I think you fixed the problem with the reflection in the plate. It looks better anyway. The texture on the cake is still throwing me off. Maybe it should completely contact the plate on the bottom like a soft piece of cake? It looks very solid/hard or dried out because it doesn’t really connect with the plate the way something as soft as cake would.


agreed, the texture still looks like corkboard…


Mmmm good job! :buttrock:

Try to “play” with POST-correction little bit-more, thats i think :


Looking good so far.

If I could add anything I would just say that maybe the frosting could use a little more specularity. If thats the kind of icing on the cake.


nice job!!!men:)


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