A Photograph , Rui Shen (3D)


Title: A Photograph
Name: Rui Shen
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, BodyPaint, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi everybody! It is my last work,I have done it for a long time,because during this work i have to do some other things.So i have no originality in it,it is just an exercise.But i hope you like it!


and a very well executed exercise;) great work!


Beautiful picture and greatly arranged folds. Excelent! :thumbsup:


great work man 5 stars from me:thumbsup:


Very well done. It looks like all the time spent really paid off.


yeah! i like her


amazing! What a nice girl :thumbsup:


Wow, the fabric is flawless.


this is absolutly fantastic!


awesome job, well done.


beautiful works.


Excellent work! Superb realism. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


beautiful girl! :thumbsup:


Well done. Nice texture and render.


very very good work& modeling , i :love: this girl she is very cut & very nice detalis, very good look & color i like it .

good lcuk 4 ever & vate 4 u :thumbsup:


she is beautiful, great job:love:


Superb Stuff. :thumbsup: Great Modelling, texturing and Lighting. Only thing that catches my eye is - the arms of the girl seems short, or is it just me.


beautiful girl in a nice dress~
really like it
good job and well done:thumbsup:


mr shen
nishuo woyong pinyin dazi suanbusuan yingwen
gei ni ding le …


Thanks very much for all of your suggestions.