A nice rig for free dload!


Hi there i have a nice rig i’d like to shre with you!
Anyone who want to host the file?:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

OK HERE IT IS kindly hosted by Flingster:



i can host You file :slight_smile:


You could also load it up to PluginCafe and let MAXON host it. :thumbsup:

  • chris


whenever youre ready bud…just mail me as usual…no need to ask…


I knew it Christiaan!!!:beer: :beer:

When u come to Italy i’ll offer you a pizza and a couple of beers!

tomorrow i’ll send you the file!

:airguitar :airguitar


fine by me…bud:thumbsup:

(only been to italy once…went to turin and a village outside of torino called chivasso…actually very nice…have some friends there…dunno where abouts youre from though…just remember is youre ever in sheffield…unlikely i know…youre welcome to try the beer…):beer:


I’m from Tuscany!
Sheffield… as seen on “Full Monty”!?! :eek: :eek: :thumbsup:


what does RIG mean?

is there a dictionary for usual terms used in the forum?


Originally posted by Mars_Artis
[B]what does RIG mean?

is there a dictionary for usual terms used in the forum? [/B]

Rig = bone system with constraints.

This link provides a general glossary of 3D terms:


sanciok’s RIG can be download from here…please give him any feedback and thanks as usual…


top job matey…:beer:




WOW! Thanks Flingster!!!

Did u have a look at it??


you bet your ass i did!!! :beer:

don’t understand it…YET…but i will…:scream:


well it’s quite simple!

To move the legs u have to move or rotate the Leg_control (which are in the bottom of the hierarcy), to move the spine use the spine control, and blend it with the spine root goal (the only one NULL placed on the back!). for the arms use (in the arm goal grup) its tip and root control!

Maybe is quite confusing because… honestly i don’t know how to write each body part properly in english… sorry…


well its looks pretty funky to me bud…mighty impressive…musta taken you an absolute age to do!!!

it felt like i might be able to animate something for a minute…then i came to my senses…heh heh…i need to do a shed load more reading on the subject and mocca before i even go there…:rolleyes:
thankfully this should help me…compare documentation to real world example.

dunno about naming parts…i understood what you were getting at…i suppose you could name elbows, ankles, knees etc but its fine…

GOOD JOB BUD…:beer: :beer:


Arg…! :scream:

R8 is torturing me by it’s very existance…


i don’t understand why you only did posemixer stuff for the hands…why not…joints also…up, down…left right etc…combinations? surely this would be so much quicker from a functionality and usability point of view for your animations? not that i really now how to use posemixer…but the whole slider system seems so much quicker to use…would surely also allow you not to go over a joint contraint…or how far a joint can move.

dunno just a thought…i’ve just been through the rig adding labels stuff with notesheet…very cool…bud…totally impressed with it…



flingster: well it is simple… i did not use any posemixer for else than the hands because this way u have a good control on the legs animating almost 2 controls, and for the spine, u have control animating just 2 controls and so for the arms!

Of course this rig is not very indicated if u ar going to animate “pose by pose”, this rig is indicated for “live action”.

If you try to move the ROOT bone u’ll see how simple will be have complex moves combining the translation of 4-5 constraints!

and then… if u want to use the MOMIX u cannot use user data.
This way u can do one copy of the rig, as in the default pose, and use it as default actor, then, do another copy and use the MOMIX on it, than do as many animated copy as u want and use those as clips! I’m not saying ths rig is the ultimate one… U know… is always a matter of what u need!!

Anyway, this wanted to be “stable” rig, alternative to the MOCCA rig Downloadable from the Maxon’s Pugin Cafe!


sweet man this thing rocks.

I tried doing a walk cycle a few months ago and I think I have realized some thing.

With out a good rig animation is living hell.
anyway one question how do I get it into a mesh?

it looks like the bones and everything are already activated, do you have any tips you can give me on how to get this thing into a mesh with out having to rebuild the whole thing?

nice rig


Well u can just build the mesh around the rig. than right click on the Root bone and select reset bone!
U need to put the mesh and the bones under a Null, than fix the bones again!