A newly found interest in 3d modeling/animation


Hi, I’ve recently discovered a passion 3d modeling/animation (leaning more towards modeling) I am pretty young, at 17. I never really took an interest to anything. I recently just looked at timelapses, examples, reels, of all sorts of 3d models/animations and was just completely fascinated, I was completely blown away and decided I wanted to do this. I want to learn and do even greater things

So one of the first things I did was look into 3d modeling software, looked in numerous places on the web, and Blender was mentioned quite a few times, so I checked it out, downloaded it, played around, watches some tutorials and followed along. Watched some basic tutorials, noticed I picked up on 80% of the things by just following along previous tutorials that involved modelings random objects, but I managed to learn a few useful things that I imagine will be quite useful, got my feet wet with a first taste of animation.

I have to say, never have I really enjoyed the learning process of anything like I am with this. I truely believe this is a passion that will only grow and develop

But alas I realized something, I don’t really have a clue about…well anything. I just need someone to give me a sense of direction. I don’t really know how to go about this path. I would appreciate anyone to share their personal experience and any advice. I’m not sure how I should go about…turning this into a career. (I imagine something like modeling characters from concept art to be in video games, or something. Like I said I am pretty much as clueless as they come, but eager to learn. I have been sticking my noises in quite a few places, researching topics on this matter, but felt I wasn’t really getting at anything so I decided to directly ask, and hope this is a suitable place for such a question)

Many thanks in advances.


Work on developing your skills in traditional art to complement your interest in the software. If you’re into character design, read up on anatomy and cg modelling, there are some great discussions and a wealth of resources on this site. Life drawing classes will really build up your confidence. Study the designs of professional artists though don’t copy or compare yourself unfavourably to them as they had to start somewhere. Carve out your own style. There are lots of good books on figure drawing, you could check out Burne Hogarth. Set yourself a goal eg designing a character and work step by step towards achieving it by learning to do simple things well. Start with creating a face, hands, torso. Good luck :slight_smile:


Making a movie (a SHORT one mind you) can really set the path down because you can then outline each of the elements you need: Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Posing/Animating, Rendering… Video Editing…

And that will give you the Full Tour so to speak.

Hey… It’s what I did to learn. :slight_smile:


Hi SurgeClock and welcome to cgtalk!

Yeah Blender is a great way to go. You are doing the right thing by messing around with it in combination with tutorials. Do as many of those tutorials as you can and mix it with making objects of your own. Read as much as you can about the areas that interest you as well, like has been suggested: anatomy, form, composition, design, just about anything you can get your hands on.

Sketch as well. If you have a tablet there are opensource paint applications, or just use a pencil as it needs no batteries :slight_smile: There is sculpting in Blender but I am not sure how powerful it is but that method has really become a key element of asset creation. If you cant afford software yet try sculptris.

Good luck and have fun!


Welcome SurgeClock. I’m a bit older than you at 18, and started playing with 3D when I was about 15. I decided to do it as a hobby and not think of careers at that point, simply because every other interest I had was making me think of a career also. In one year alone I wanted to be a photographer, a mechanic and a chef, and that was before I discovered CG! I’m glad I did what I did as jobs in the CG world seem to be getting very hard to find, and even harder to keep.
I suggest you just keep doing what you are doing now, that is learning more about the technical side and softwares and finding out what you like working on best. If it’s cars, industrial objects etc. you can find your own way and style. If it’s characters, monsters etc. I think studying traditional art has to be a good idea. There are so many rules and things to consider with characters (anatomy etc.) that you really need to study and learn from those who have gone there before you.


Thanks for the replies, guys :), it will definitely be kept in mind.

I would absolutely make a short movie, although when I’m abit more knowledge about beyond modeling only

Thanks Konga, it’s pretty encouraging to hear that I’m beginning rightwards

Traditional Art, huh. I’ve always enjoyed drawing in my younger years and impressed myself with how a few things turned out. Anyways, when you say develop Traditional Art skills, what exactly do you mean? Life Classes I would definitely look into today, Character/Monster modeling is what interested me the most in general. And speaking from my attempts to make my own models of 2d images of characters, I can see knowledge of anatomy/form would’ve been useful.

Also in regarding learning this, what would you guys suggest? I know (atleast for some people, I think anyways :p) that it’s very much in capability to self-teach this on your own.

However what are thoughts in like colleges? or even other type of schools, I’ve read an interesting mix of alot of opinions, it’s pretty hard to decide. On one hand, self-learning would probably take less time, definitely cheaper, own time schedule, but it also requires self-disciple which I could see myself struggling with at long periods of times.

On the other hand, school. I personally sort of crave that enviroment of people wanting to learn the same things as I do around me, and teachers who are able to deliver. As oppose to being home, where I would feel like the days would pass by with me wasting time and feeling like I should be out somewhere doing something with myself. But I’ve also heard a few negatives regarding schools, obviously there’s the cost. I know I for sure don’t have the funds to pay for it without going into debt. (Even though I’ve yet to reach the stage in mylife where I learn the true value of an earned dollar, I wouldn’t think being in debt is the end of the world. It will be payed of eventually, sure it make take a handful of years at most(?) but I think for what you could potentially learn, it would be worth it. And there’s the feeling of JOY I would imagine when you DO finally pay off all debts :p) Also read that it’s just a waste of time, teachers usually aren’t very well, you don’t learn what you need, etc.

So I’m curious as to thoughts on this matter, and should you support going to some sort of school, some suggestions and advice on what to take and whatnot would be great.


Well, that’s the point really. If you setup a film project even a short 2 minute one… you’re going to set certain milestones.

For example: “2 Minute Clip of Airplane bombing a Boat”.

So… that’s very short… and it has no people in it… and basically you need Hard Surface modeling, maybe some study in how to do flashes and study how to do just one explosion…

Even at the pro level… when there is so much experience, EVERY film involves an element of “How are we going to do that?”

When we made “REVERSION” none of us had done anything that had weapons, glass shattering, or any manner of explosive VFX or foliage like the garden you see at the end. We wrote it all down on paper and “ate that elephant one bite at a time.”

And that’s how you learn. :slight_smile:


That depends on what country you live in. If you update your profile with your location, others will be able to suggest colleges.


Oops, thanks for the reminder, meant to do it after posting that 2nd post, guess it slipped from mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Took a look at Reversion and very much liked what I saw and sparks a bit of inspiration


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