A newbie question?


if anyone seen the pdf Hyper Real Modeling by Jeff Unay,can you tell me if this can be done on LW 7 ,and if so where do i go for a tut like that…also is the fine mesh in maya the same as sub-patch for for LW,if not how do you model with the real fine mesh instaed of the digi-clay…CGtalk is ALive


Take a look through the gallery at Newtek’s site. That will give you an idea of what LW is capable of. Yes you can do completly photoreal muscled people. It’s takes tons of time to get really good at 3D modeling. Bay Raitt is someone you should lookup online. He runs a forum and site called Spiraloid which goes pretty indepth into how to structure the edge flow on 3D meshes. There is tons of info on spiraloid which can give you a good foundation into building up character detail. There is also a timelapse avi on his site which shows him going from a box to a complete character, so you could even try and mimic that in Lightwave. He uses Mirai, and a lot of the guys on spiraloid use maya, but all the techniques can be done in LW with some creativity.



To make it easy on you:

Newtek Lightwave 3D character gallery:

Bay Raitt’s Spiraloid site:

Link to his modeling timelaps in done in Mirai:

Link to his Digital Sculpting forum:
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Thanks mike,…im not trying to find the Magic Button, im just trying to find the LearnMagicFastButton,i have a child and a 50hr. a week job fixing high dollar wheels,i make an alright living, but my friend turned me on to the LW because i wanted to turn my writngs intovisualizations and he said flash would not cut it…i cant even figure out how to put a pic next to my name…i think maybe i should work on simplistic cartoons b4 i go into big detail,hey thanks for the reply .


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