A new way (open source) to create parametric humans.


I’m working on a new tool (free and open source) to create parametric 3D humans in Blender.
I know there is a subsection of CGtalk dedicated to Blender only, but I decided to start a thread here because I’m proposing a new approach to parametric modelling and I’d like to know the general opinion (not only from Blender users) about it.



Nice work. I will try it out. Thanks


Thank you. The automodelling feature is not released yet. I will include it in next version, that should be ready within a couple of weeks.


Will your model be able to output to a program such as Sculptress?


Very interesting Manuel, I will try it :keenly:


My software is an addon for Blender (https://www.blender.org/), so the models can be exported in any format supported by Blender: obj, 3ds, fbx, dae, stl and more.
I don’t know Sculptress, but usually any 3d software can import at least one of these standard formats.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Blender-exported OBJ frequently result in errors in Sculptris. So I would think this wouldn’t work as well.


What type of errors?
I carefully designed the mesh in order to be quads only, with the minimal amount of poles and optimized for subdivision surface, so it should be ok in case of errors related to topology. More info about the base meshes here: http://www.manuelbastioni.com/guide_base_characters.php

Also, in future releases I will add lowres cheracters specifically oriented to sculpting software.


Another test using the male model.



Hi, and thx for creating such a nice tool. I’d just love to see your tool becoming the ultimate 3D Human creation app. So here are my critics.

  • Your attached video doesn’t do justice to your tool. It is a bit irritating and someone who sees it here for the first time wouldn’t understand your goal.

  • There’s something about your base human shapes that just doesn’t look correct “anatomically”. It would be cool if you could ask some good sculpter and/or 3D scanning service provider, to help you out on this.



Thank you mustique.

 The video is not intended for final users or advertsing. It's mostly a technical video that shows the status of the software during the development. Why do you find it irritating? Too quick?
 The humans in the videos are extreme examples with intentionally exaggerated proportions to better show how  automodelling works.  

Better examples of human types are available in these two infographics:
and here:


Interesting. Could you elaborate about the specifics of this “new approach”? :wink:


As “new approach” I mean that this method replace the old one, used in many character editors, where the user have to manually set hundreds of sliders or manually grab tens of handlers on the surface.
With the automodelling, it’s sufficient to move few points in order to vaguely suggest the shape of body and the algorithm will do the rest, creating a good base model for the wished character, completely parametric.

Then it’s possible to use the traditional way (sliders) to refine it: http://www.manuelbastioni.com/guide_detail_parameters.php


A new video in tutorial style, to better show the concept.



This is GREAT :applause:


Thank you.
The same technology is also used in the modelling from measures approach:



Very interesting software, I will definitely try it :thumbsup:


Looks like a great concept. Working by slider is definitely one of the things I dislike most about using Make Human.

So after a little digging I see you are the creator of Make Human. Thank you very much for your good work over the years. Are there eventually plans to roll this feature into Make Human?


Thank you. For small details and precise setting the sliders are still useful (they are in my lab too: http://www.manuelbastioni.com/guide_detail_parameters.php) but the intention is to improve the algorithm in order to gradually reduce their usage.

The answer is complex…: http://www.manuelbastioni.com/guide_main_differences_from_makeHuman.php