A new day



I have uploaded lately one of my recent works to my portfolio (look my profile, artwork: “A new day”).
And I checked the case saying to upload to the forum showcase.

It’s not THAT important, but it didn’t succeed. My question is… what ou think of it ?
It’s a finished work ofcourse.

Cheers to you from Poland guys!


Nobody ? :wink:


you need to post the picture here… members don’t really adventure outside without good link :wink:


Okay, thanks for the advice :wink:

So here it is:


What do you think of?


really nice! the foreground elements are all working well for me.

however, I think you could spend more time on the bg elements behind the window… looks like you have some image planes for the vegetation that could use better alphas… i think i see some floating leaves.

perhaps a bit of defocus as well as some desaturation on some of the stronger colours. you want to show off your awesome cg work so the bg shouldn’t be the focus but its catching the eye a lot. another idea would be to adjust the composition and use the rule of 3rds to put the window to the side a bit.


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