A New Day Dawns, Frank Basinski (3D)


Title: A New Day Dawns
Name: Frank Basinski
Country: Germany

This is a recent render done with Terragen 2, featuring a beautiful dawning sky over a calm and still quiet landscape.
The render is completely done with Terragen 2: sky, terrain, procedural texturing, … everything except the vegetation, birds and windmill objects.

Vegetation is Xfrog for trees, Klas for grass clumps, windmill and birds free objects from terragen.org.

The image has three cloud layers, ~150.000 object instances, and rendered at 1680x820 in approximately 1.5 hours.

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts about this render.

Thank you,


This is one of the better terregen renders that I have seen, I thought it was a vue render at first. I think that you could loose a windmill or two but that’s just my opinion.


very nice work, what programme is used, max? what renderer have you used also.
Are the mountains in the distance from image or 3D?

Nice realistic feel to whole image!

i’ve been trying to work on as external wild scene myself, never heard of klas, might have a look to see if it could help. cheers



thank you!

Sam, I mentioned in the post that the only software being used was Terragen 2. Maybe you have not heard of it, so I should probably explain that Terragen 2 is a landscape renderer from Planetside Software, capable of pretty realistic renders - specialized on landscapes, though.

If you are interested, this is their homepage: http://planetside.co.uk/terragen/tg2/tech_preview.shtml

I’ve used it to create the (procedural) terrain, the whole planet actually, and its atmosphere, clouds, all the rocks and pebbles, and the vegetation populations.



Never heard of it, definatly gonna take a look though.



nice gob
then i see the link is very good

thx 4 u

good luck


nice job.

i think that the image will look stronger if you have something in first plane,
maybe a windmill or a detailed plant closer to the camera.


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