A New C4D competitor?


I came across this “Notch” software by “10bit FX”, it is still in Beta “0.9.22” but the demos looks very promising.


That looks interesting.
The price though…
£99 the perpetual for the learning version but rather limited (export video Watermarked Max 1280x720)
or £99 a month for the base


It’s interesting in all that it can do and how it uses the GPU to do so much in real-time.

But …heavy subscription pricing.

Blender + C4d20 + Unreal/Unity…seems like a better road.


seems like a very specialized tool.
not a threat :wink:


For product that’s not even out of beta LOL - £2100 for first year - £1750 renewal or £189 Per month… subscription (Minimum 6 months) So it’s actually £1134 per 6 months or £2368 per year.

Daylight robbery then…

Looks like they are pulling a fast one like Maxon did recently… with some illusionary figures… lol

Product is littered with watermarks unless you choose the most expensive version.

Reminds me of Blackmagic’s Fusion 9 with the node approach… less powerful and as flexible as C4D’s Mograph, and come too late with the advent of Blender and it’s real-time rendering engine EEVEE.

Davinci Resolve 16 can be bought without subscription for a fraction of the price of just £230… but even then the basic version is more than enough for most people.


I researched a few weeks ago and it is indeed very powerful. But they have a small, niche market for the product.

It’s not designed to compete with Modo, Max, c4d, Blender… It’s designed for events, museums, exhibits. Live performance.

Powerful niche products are going to be expensive.


Something similar is Calvary app, from Ian Waters - developer of MASH(mograph toolkit for maya)


We used Notch via another vendor recently for an intractive trade show floor–which allowed the user to kick elements around and the objects would interact with dynamics. We found it very limited in terms of what it could do with our 3d models–was not good with heavy geo or even ligh geo with uv mapped textures., The stuff that could be done with 2d elements and sprites were very cool though, Maybe its improved since the last version we worked with,


I was part of a Notch team on the a biggish tour recently, building C4D scenes to be taken into Notch.

It’s not designed as a DCC, and is emphatically not a competitor for C4D - it’s an interactive playback system for real-time 3D scenes, allowing actions triggered by physical light-desks to be reflected on-screen in real-time. Quite cool when you’re used to being restricted to loops and manually triggered edits for performance graphics. The reason we used it was to create an immersive stage where the scene lights mirrored the actual stage lighting; it’s got simple material setup and reads native C4D scenes, including cameras and animation. So as a spotlight tracks across the physical stage, the screen lighting matches it exactly. It allowed for some really nice integration, and we hardly scratched the surface of what’s possible. Expect much more of this in the future, as opposed to pre-rendered sequences and cut edits.

The playback for poly models is great - started to get a bit crunchy at around the 1million poly mark, but baking everything into normal/displacement maps gave super-fast playback with full detail, crisp shadows, live sub-division.

The price and licensing reflects the usage - you rent the builder for the period of the project, it’s not an app that you keep on-hand, unless you’re producing live content all the time, in which case the subscription would be considered part of your setup costs. It’s one of those situations where if you consider it expensive, then you don’t need to worry about it because it’s not made for you :wink:


I believe Notch is being developed by a former Maxon developer who was responsible for the improvements to the C4D R18 viewport. But like everything with C4D just as you think the project is taking off there’s no progress for years because Maxon can’t keep the best talent.