A Modern, One-family House, Dusan Bosnjak (3D)


Title: A Modern, One-family House
Name: Dusan Bosnjak
Country: Yugoslavia
Software: 3ds max

This house is my design, it’s an univerity assigment not a real project. I am currently fighting against a very tight deadline because i misjudged the time i had available, so instead of a week and a half, i will be doing this for three days only.
These are the perspectives i’ve finished so far. And i plan on couple of more exteriors and one interior if i’m able to achieve it.


Excellent render! :thumbsup:


Another view from the garden. I was afraid to add any vegetation because i feared that i can ruin the image. I think this can pass with the minimalistic look of the house.
Tight tight deadline :argh:


It’s very good. I like the grass the best. How did you do it?


man it freakin’ awesome! it is so realistic. When you finish it and get past that damn deadline, can you tell how you did the grass? ( something like e tutorial) :bounce:


There is nothing to it really. Its done in PS, i’ve taken a picture of grass at eye level and then i just comp it in PS. I do a little bit of hand painting to get better shadows on the grass but thats it.


cool stuff - keep it up !


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