A Miniascape, Firedd (3D)


Title: A Miniascape
Name: Firedd
Country: China
Software: 3ds Max 6

hi all friends,
this is my new work,it’s a chinan miniascape,i tend it for 2 months,it’s chinan name is RongShu.
i expect your advice,thanks :>


well dude pretty nice texture
but ur wall & floor are n’t macthing propely have a look at right bottom corner
or might be i m wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Junaid R


nice work on the tree cage, but i also think the wall, more precise the window could use a little work.


thanks Junaid R’s good advice,you are right,i should work more on the wall and the corner.thanks.
PES,thanks for your good advice too,i will work hard to progress my works,thanks.

there is a local of the Miniascape,


wwoow ! that close up looks real! I think the textures are superb, also the illumination and ambientation, but maybe looks kinda lonely, anyway superb job!


:eek: those textures are amazing! great job man! :thumbsup:


man, bonsai trees are hard enought to craft in real life, way to go…


Bernardo ,thanks for your advice,in fact i want to make that feeling ,the "RongShu "was captivity in a lonely world.
blutack,thank u .i use deepaint to make these textures,that’s not a easy work.
maddness,thanks.u r right ,the bonsai trees in real life are hard to represent in 3d software.way to go…

thank u for understanding i use broken english,thanks.


there is a local of the image


I like the mud in the flowerpot~


Have you tried to put the Rongshu in front of the wall,but without the little window on the back?, it would be nice to see the scene with a flat wall and just a shadow of the little tree casted on it.

The textures look great.Any chance to see how you achived those wall textures?.


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