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haven’t done any animation in a while, hehe

i got 60 frames. frame 0 to 29, i rotate the pitch axis.
then from frame 30 to 59 i rotate the heading axis.

LW will then start adding the heading rotation at frame 0 instead of frame 30.
i have keyframes for each stop and i also set the incoming curves to linear.

is there somthing i need to turn off or add, please help


Sounds like you need to, instead, parent the object to a null object.
This will make life a zillion times easier for things like this.
And you NEED to make sure that you ALSO create a keyframe that is the same at frame 0 as for frame 29 for the heading.
then, when you rotate the heading, the heading won’t start until after frame 30.

Hope this helps?

…md :slight_smile:


If I read this correctly, while mdunakin’s method works and is quite good in many situations I would simply try seting the pre- and post-behavior to constant, depending upon how the key behavior is setup this should work.


Arngautr, yeah, I was pretty much simplifying things in my wording.
But, I’m slightly off on the “constant” part that you mention?
You wouldn’t mind elaborating, would you?
Only cuz I’m a bit lost on the constant aspect of what you mean?
Always willing to learn something new :slight_smile:

Thanx tons :slight_smile:
…md :slight_smile:


yea’ know I might have read this wrong, but here’s what I was thinking make 2 keys for pitch at frame 0 : 0 deg. , frame 29 : 360 deg. make 2 keys for heading at frame 30 : 0 deg. , frame 59 : 360 deg. (or whatever values) make the pre and post behavior ‘constant’ ie graph line maintains the value of the outermost key. and make the keys behave linearly (which will cause a jerk , TCB spline may be elinminate this)

By making everything linear the TWO keys yield a straight line, if the pre/post behavior is linear this straight line continues indefinately, thus things keep rotating even after/before any keys. Making pre/post behavior constant instead fixes this.

What you suggested was to add another key (3 total / channel) at frame 0 for heading, and frame 59 for pitch. Which also works.

I wish I had LW handy…I’d take a couple screen shots and it would all make sense.


hey, it’s ok :slight_smile:

that’s sort of what I was attepmting to say anyway, just worded a bit differntly :slight_smile:
But yeah, it still sort of comes out about the same either way you do it.
I preffer the null method myself though, as you have far more controll over things in the long run, but a lot of people don’t like to do that effort.

I thought I knew what you meant about the constant, just wanted to be sure.
My point was, that you’d still need the extra keyfrme as to make it NOT move up from it’s possition to another.
In otherwords, you keep the motion line straight until it needs to change.
That’s why I suggested the extra key in there.
An yes, i would deffinately add the linear to all the keys for this sort of thing.
And of course, there are still some other options too that can make this work, this was just one of them.
I think it all really would depend on what the individual was realy going to need and how much controll they would need in the long run?

…md :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch yall
I ended up doing two seperate scenes, but
i will go back and try it again and try both methods.

wondering how parenting a null will give me more controll,
and i think your saying to make the null the parent. Ima try it

Thanks again


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