A metal shader i did today :)


Evening CGTalkers :slight_smile:

Today was a boring day… so i played with C4D’s shaders and procedural noise, this is the result i came up with :slight_smile: personally i’m kinda happy with it. I’ll give the C4D scenefile away for free if anyone wants it, enjoy it and have fun with it :slight_smile: make something pretty!

Download the C4D scenefile here

/ Max


looks like a grainy brushed alluminium effect…cheers for sharing…if you’re interested in this sort of thing there was a file knocking around with lots of different metal door knobs in it which also sheds some light on putting metals together…post it in resources thread also.


thanks alot!! looks really nice ill check it out right now


Anytime flingster and younggun :slight_smile: i’m happy if it’s useful for something.

I saw that thread before with doorknobs and stuff, thanks for the tip :slight_smile: i might post it in the resources thread aswell.

Btw, if i make some more useful shaders then i’ll post them here. :wink:

/ Max


thank you soooo much


Thank you so much for sharing!

I am hoping the do a Mini Challenge again - same as the did for fabrics -…

Metal, Stone, Wood wood bee so much fun…

And your Entry for “Metal” is finished… :slight_smile:


My pleasure to share it, it comes to better use if everyone can use it than just me :slight_smile: i’m sure you all agree hehe

Mini-Challenge hmm, i like the sound of that :smiley: but why not start one up on our own in here, something that keeps the users active and creative. It’ll be lotsa fun! :slight_smile: count me in on that.

Hehe i’ll be making more shaders in the coming days now, this is just a tasty little bit :wink: keep your eyes open for more…

/ Max


Dear maximum…

Me and glyptic were also discussing about the mini-challenge. We were discussing about a challege for jewelry designing. I have already told glyptic to contact the c4d moderator regarding the challenge… The challege will mostly focus on jewelry rendering with metals like gold, platinum, silver and more of diamond and gem shaders… WEll, jewelry lighting is bit different so… i hope such challenge will come up with so many things to learn and will definately help everyone… I can also produce 2-3 jewelry models to be rendered…

Do you also looking for such kind of challenge… If yes… we are now three very much inerested inn… :slight_smile:




Hi Jeet

Jewelry design sounds like fun, i like that stuff too :slight_smile: and it’ll be a challenge as i never done it before hehe. But the only part i don’t get is why the C4D moderator(s) have to be contacted… can’t anyone just start such a challenge on their own, manage it and run it ? it’s not alot of work (i done it before).

Anyways I’ll be happy to join in on such a challenge to create and render jewelry of some sort. It sounds exciting and fun :slight_smile:

/ Max


Dear maximum,

Thanks for your interest… I would be happy to to organise such challenge… My friend larry (glyptic) is also very much interested… One more thing is i need some guidelines… As you have previous experience… can you please telll me some guidelines for such challenge?

I will be helpful to you…

Best REgards



thank you for sharing. gone straight into my shader library :slight_smile:


post srek about your challenge.
jewellry eg send him a model eg gem + ring so they can practice on stones and metals and caustics etc all in one…nice idea.



Thanks for suggestion but my friend, glyptic has already asked to srek for the challenge but he is not ready…

Sorry friend…




Hi again :slight_smile:

Jeet: Good to hear you’re both interested in that type of challenge, but then it’s just the practical part to do i guess… to setup the rules and guidelines for the challenge and make sure the models are ready for it aswell. You said you had models people could use for this Jeet, why not use them now initially so we’ll see how well it goes and then if it goes well this time arrange a bigger challenge next time where people have to model their own stuff and render it as best as they can.

I recently wrapped up a 2 week rendering challenge on the Maxwell forum, and that was the first time i ever arranged a challenge but it worked very well :smiley: i’m most pleased with the results and the response it generated. That’s where my experience originate from.

Strat: You’re welcome :slight_smile:

/ Max


Hello, Maximus.
Can you tell your basic steps in creating this shader, cuz I have no C4D, but i’m diyng to see how it was made.


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