A Master degree to get a TD position in animation/ games?


So I am now in my final year of Computer Science undergrad studies. I have been self-learning various 3D packages for a while, but I doubt if I can enter the industry with my current level of skill. Therefore, I’m thinking about getting a master degree to enter the CG industry.
I am interested in both art and tech, so I would like to choose a program with both art and tech component, and go for the technical artist/ technical direction path later in my career. But it seems like most programs cover only either art or tech.
The only program I found that satisfy my needs is Clemson University’s Digital Production Art programme, but I don’t know if it is a good programme in a professional’s eyes.

So my questions are:

  • Any master program suggestion with both art and tech training? (Esp programs in Asia as I am located there now :))
  • Any insight on Clemson University Digital Production Art Programme?
  • And, do I really need a master to enter the industry? Is self-learning the materials and generating a kick-ass portfolio more beneficial?

Any help is sincerely appreciated!