A Man Standing, Laodong (3D)




why I can not post bigger image?

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:drool: that’s really good laodong…really,really good!!!and wireframes please…!what technique did you used ??his clothes are great great too

front page work…


what an entry to the cgtalk:buttrock: :buttrock:

give us details on how you did it!!!

and a wire will be cool

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Very very nice. I think you should improve the Skin Shader and add some SSH.

It rox though :smiley:


Nice work !
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


wow!! this is incredably well done!
verry realistic!
yes gives us a little explanation on how you rendered, textured this to be soo realistic!?


Fantastic job! no critiques from me :):slight_smile:


Wow :thumbsup: : Looks so real !!!


nice work, just increase the thickness of the arms and take the redish tint from under his eyes out. :applause:


great work! simply amazing! keep it up!!! :applause: :thumbsup:


Fabulous job! I can’t find any fault with it.


Definitly KEEP the redness under the eyes. It makes it a lot more realistic. Imperfection is the key to perfection.


Model is fabulous… he needs a nice environment though :slight_smile:
His arms seem a bit too thin… but I think thats in acceptable range.

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Thats a very realistic model you have there. Is it you? Only crit i have is the pose (this is soooooo tiny) is to relax the wrists. and they would hang a little more towards his body instead of away from his body and would be twisted a tiny bit so we would see the top on his hand a little more (if your going for a natural pose). Great Job! :smiley:


very realistic, very good!

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That has to be one of the greatest human models and texture jobs I’ve seen in a loong loong time! The only way I think you could improve it is give more detail, better texture and somehow change the lightning on the skin. If I look at it, it’s extremely convincing, however the skin is still not 100% realistic. The skin is too perfect and smooth it would seem. That’s how I percieve it anyways and I see the ear+side burns differing greatly from each other, too smooth/blurish/realistic/blend… i dunno how to describe it. Perhaps the ear could be less perfect and less smooth all the way around. Otherwise it’s really really really good and i like it, it’s absolutely amazing :smiley:


Thats just smashing! Very realistic and lifelike! :applause: :bounce: :buttrock: :drool: :thumbsup:


:applause: :applause: :applause:

top notch stuff