A hunger after a thousand years nap


i definitely think so too! :stuck_out_tongue:

one of my favourites!!


Hi Marcin,
like always you have a good piece.
your image strongly/really similar with the cover"The city is landing" from jacek yerka.
you just refill the lower part with the face-statue, Never the less,your piece is great!
good luck!:slight_smile:


This is my favourite so far. :thumbsup:

Good luck.


Dude, this is just not fair. The caliber of your work is out of this world. Amazing colors, amazing rendering. This is truly perfect. You are a genuine art god. :bowdown:


thank you all for kind words and critics.
However I don’t think I have got any chance with the judges. I’m still really confused how to understand the rules. Make it very similar to Yerka’s style or do it on my own, use his symbols or avoid it? (which is very difficult because Jacek explored very large areas of imagination)
The bottom should be definitely painted with more details, but I had no time to do this.
Thanks and greetings!


Nice one, you got the palette spot on.


I think you nailed it, looks tops!! It’s definately Jacek’s colours and style.


great work man! really impressive,
any chance of seeing a couple of Wip’s snapshots?


Congrats on second place!


is not surprise, Great.


Very effective … love the stone face…well done.




Congratulations on the #2 spot!
Great job all around. I really like the landscape. It looks like a peaceful place for the slumbering head.


my favorite form the winners!


Congratulations Marcin! I am so happy to see your work on the winners page! :slight_smile:


Congratulations !


thank you all for the kind words. I must admit that I totally haven’t expected the prize.
Toker: unfortunatelly I heve’t saved any step-by-step so there’s nothing to show. Besides there was nothing special in the process of creation, so you don’t miss anything.


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