A hunger after a thousand years nap


Hi everyone. I couldn’t just pass by a competition connected with one of my favourite artist. I had doubts how close Yerka’s style I should get to.
I hope the idea of the image is clear and there’s this specific mood from master’s paintings.
good luck to everyone!


realy great work!


Wow…You did a very good job!!:thumbsup:Congrats!!
Good luck.


Looks wonderfull. I love the fields, colors and hills. Contrast between rounded nature and spikey buildings… You got, maybe too close to, the style :slight_smile:
Inspiration from the “contest cover picture”? :slight_smile:

Only thing I don’t like is the moon… but that’s just my taste…

PS: Love your portfolio…


Very nice and clean idea!
Good luck!


beautiful work … Love the colors and the city … Wish u all the best !


hehe I like it very much, the town really looks like hair :slight_smile: nice concept, simple and powerfull


Nice concept, simple yet very well executed. The colours, buildings and sky are spot on, very much like JY’s style. My only crit is that the fields / landscape could do with a little more texture. Nice job! :thumbsup:


Fantastic work! Also, my hair looks just like that in the morning :eek:


Looking Very beautiful…like it very much!.


Very nice work! The great thing about this contest is every ones take on it. I really like the Yerka style you have captured along with your own that compliments it so well.
Great entry!


Very nice. It’s similar in concept and composition to the one I’m desperately trying to finish.


Looks great! I like stylized pastoral scenes with meandering rivers cutting through them.
The moon throws me a bit. I can see a pale mottled full moon, or 3/4 fading to sky color, at about 50% of the size you have now.
Great job on the head and castle too.


JY would not make it better.


beautiful, well done, good luck


Fantastic! You definitely have the spirit of Yerka in your work. The transition from the shacks to the castle is superb and the details are amazing. I LOVE it! Congratulations and good luck!


wow ,l like it:),good luck


Its a Yerka town! the colors and fields really great!


A very beautiful tribute to Yerka’s style!

I love this image but it seems to me that there is an essential element missing which I think you find in all of Yerka’s paintings: Layers of reality and illusion. Other dimensions. This beautiful image is all planted quite firmly in one world. Everything in it could exist just as it is shown. Yerka seems to enjoy playing with illusions where a whole new world can be found just above or below.

Other than that it is very Yerka, in my opinion, and I would love to have it hanging on my wall! :applause:


think you’re the winner…