A hint at r9 release?


out of respect for confidentiality.


but check the cover… it says Cinema RX

the moose has been used to show some of the feature when R8 was released… i would doubt that they would reuse the same character, no?

so i would say - we still have to wait for some informations… :shrug:


seriously take that add witha grain of salt guys, its a pic I did back when testing R8, about 3 years old.

My name is spelt wrong, VFS doesn’t have a performing and visual arts degree, that is so innacurrate it hurts me to know I’m dealing with such a publisher when I see so many screwups there.


the same happened nearly a year before R8 was released with a book from Arndt if i remember correctly. Have to agree with Kai, the publisher is not doing a realy professional job here :confused:
If you can’t even use correct grammar, spelling and names in an announcement you shouldn’t try to publish a book :wink:
Kai: Looking good, i’m looking forward to this work of you.


Considering I discussed looking at other publishers just over a week ago, I’m surprised that another messup like this happened, and there’s a spelling mistake in the last feature mentioned, where it says tone instead of one (obviously used nothing more then a spell check, didn’t read it over.)

I can only guarantee the quality to a certain point, then its out of my hands unfortunately. The book should be good guys, lots of focus on both theory/concepts, as well as practice/step-by-step. Its aimed at intermediate to advanced users, or those noobs who are hardcore into CA :wink: Should actually be good for non cinema users too, much of the stuff covered in half the chapters applies to all apps really

This is one of the many things I’ve got going, though at the moment, most important. LucentDreams Finally has an image and will be going fully public soon, They will be starting to develop an animated sries done in C4D. keep an eye out at www.lucentdreams.net

Anyone at siggraph can find me at either the maxon or the balistic/gnomon booth (mostly at the maxon one) if they have more questions about the book or the ol sketch and toon CD. (the rigging CD was tossed aside for the book which will be far better then the cd would have been) And yes you wuill finally see the moose animated for once, and for the price they are ofering it for on the badly done site, man you guys would be getting a deal.

oh and BTW I have an illustraion and model on the latest computer arts projects CD/magazine if anyones interested, the acutal tut its for is written by someone else covering CA in director.


Looking forward to the book–will definitely buy it.

Also–congrats on the TV series. Good to know someone was able to break c4d in to this kind of production.


well, when the book will be published in november, v9 should come out before…



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