a hello and sketch


well, i’ve been lurking around these forums for a couple months, finally decided to post something… i was quite intimidated by all the professionals and stuff here, but whatever, i’m still learning, and you people seem nice :)…
so i’m taking an anime/manga drawing class and this is just a sketch from it… i liked it so i decided to try and color it… didn’t ink it or clean it up or anything, just made the pencil lines darker in psp, so that’s why it’s so sketchy… i think i need more practise…

i might most some other sketches soon…


Howdy. I think it’s really cool. You should never be intimidated by those with more experience (although I’m not one to talk). This forum has mostly taught me that professionals can be very helpful and supportive (Ed Lee for example) However, many of the others just won’t reply to my request for C&C! whoops, this is your post:rolleyes: POST MORE SKETCHES!!


not bad to start off…i couldnt draw any better on manga style when i started off,its a nice try that you even go to the extend on posting your work. congradulation in making your firsst step =]
well i used to draw manga style but not now… some advice i would give is, for detial and acurate manga style drawing, go look for the second serial comic of the famous “slam dunk” artist. the book is about sword play. for cute and nice curvy feel , simple line work style of drawing, check out “love henai”.

a good way to improve your manga is by looking at more comic stuff and doing life drawing. the basic still applies to it

try drawing small eyes? vary your nose? do something about your ear? try out all the possiblities of drawing manga and you will start to find it easy

erm… just keep on drawing

btw… no offence…



try to stick by primitive forms in the beggining, and you will be able to avoid the deformation that you have at his trunk, for example.

hey, never be intimidated, none of us have born good artists, and we are aways learning.

:wink: :wink:


oh yeah, i should have said that that one drawing was chibi, or superdeformed style… so it’s supposed to have big eyes, simplified extremeties, etc… but thanks for the comments


so here’s 2 other sketches… the first was done in a fit of boredom on sunday… the 2nd is the same girl, yet to be named… gonna try coloring the 2nd one…



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