A guy named Joe


I am starting this project and at the same time its my first caracter with Zbrush.
Please let me know what you think.

I added the bear in photoshop for you to have a better idea of the caracter

Sorry for my english…


A 100 views and any thoughts, idea etc…?
Tomorrow i will give an updated view


yea sometimes its tough getting comments, but anyway, I like what you have so far, nice detailing on the pants…the arms and wrists look a little weird…strange proportions, wrist looks to thin from this view and arms should either be more fatty or more defined…

lets see some more!


I think your legs are just not fat enough. A fat dude like that is going to have fat gams, so don’t hesitate to give him nice, wide generous rolls around his thighs and a bit of bulk to the calves. It’s also kind of hard to tell without feet but I reckon the legs are a little short as well.

Here check out this dragoncon fatty:


Notice how he is a nice oblique shape, and how he tapers out from his midsection pretty evenly.

Best of luck to you!


Thanks for your comments.

 Unfortunatery i did not have time to respond you earlier...i am being more beasier than i thought. 
 You are both wright about the proportions, they are weird. i did not really spend too much time on that caracter as i was just learning how to sculpt details in Zbrush.

Thank-you again for your remarks.


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