a guy, a ball and a snow storm



here is a little thing I started animating only because I wanted to see the guy in motion. he is mainly used in static web header graphics, in various kind of settings… so. as he is a football player, and it’s winter in Finland, I combined these two, and here is the result so far:

(avi divx, ~5mb)

here’s one test render :

all sorts of C&C is appreciated.

oh, and some of the facial expressions are not there yet,
and on the run cycle, fingers don’t move.
also, there is one extra ball, that was accidently left on the first scene (can you spot it? :wink: )…
so those problems I know :slight_smile:




well, at least some of you have opened the thread, it’s a start :slight_smile:

I did one actual rendering of the final part, to test particles. it’s here:




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