a girl ; Kyle Hoo(3D), kyle hoo (3D)


Title: a girl ; Kyle Hoo(3D)
Name: kyle hoo
Country: China
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

A ordinary girl image.I hope you like her.


I do, it’s very well done. Finding such a delicate balance in CG female characters is not easy.


OOOOO :applause: Sexy


Really nice. I love her hair and her clothes.


nice indeed


nice work,great man!


Very nice skin and hair, lovely feminine look, but right eye shade is strange (looks not healthy- like got hit to the eye), something with eyelids and contact to the eyes is off. But face and figure model are very nice.


Thank you pointed out the problems. I will be amended as soon as possible, once again thank you for your help.


Lovely character, and the hair turned out very nice! All those wispy strands make for a believable hair, here. Good work.


very nice work
please tell us more about her hair?


good work i like eyes so I 很看好我哦!


nice job, really love the cloth


Yes! I like her! I love her! :wink:
Very beautiful and tender creation!


These photos of hair, I use the curves. Manually add to the clutter of the curve. Build hair. This clutter curve richer the better, this will look very natural. I hope to you and learn.


Beautiful, just beautiful!


Me to the top you modified is not as good works!:thumbsup:


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