A Gentle Guide In Blender!


An easy step-by-step for beginners requested by some of my subscribers on Youtube.

The 1st Part I’ll explain the basics of Blender like the Interface, Navigation, Selection and Viewing.

The 2nd Part we learn the modeling tools to create a cool Low Poly SMG-09!

Enjoy and Stay Tuned!



:slight_smile: Thanks a lot for the first Tut… Well done, very clear and easy to follow, looking for the next one :cool:


Thank you, you’re welcome!


Blender Beginner - Modeling Step-by-Step

A great and easy introduction to modeling in Blender.



An another great Part 2. Your videos are good because not too long and easy to understand. Please keep going, you can help a lot of people.


Thank you! I try to make them short and well explained!


Blender Beginner - Modeling Step-by-Step 2/2

Ending the Low Poly SMG-09! Next video is abou the UVs.




As always, very good tutorial. Can’t wait for the next one, many thanks.


A easy introduction to UV Mapping in Blender!



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