A fresh new start


Hi everybody I’m trying to get started in the animation game and am interested in getting this forum alive again. Animation in my opinion is the best part of this whole digital process, and there’s no reason why this forum should not be alive and throbbing. Anyway, i want us to start from scratch and start putting more challenges up. For starters just to get things started we could do a ball bounce. If you guys are interested let me know! Anyway, i’m going to start posting my animation stuff anyway even if it is novice.


Enthusiasm goes a long way towards motivation. I’m glad you’re pushing for some action here. I’ve been a slug for far too long, hopefully your enthusiasm will be catching!


Looking forward to your success and your works.


Yeah I haven’t been to this corner of the forums before and I was very disappointed how barren it is. I’d definitely like to see some more challenges up here soon.


I’d be interested as well. Will keep an eye on this thread.


I would definitely be interested in seeing something open up here. We had a short lived challenge during the summer but, it would be nice to have them come by more consistently round here.


Ok well im ready to start some challenges! The only concern for me is what level of animation are we going to start at. My suggestion is a ball bounce only because im fairly new, but if yall want to do something more challenging we can do that too! Let’s do it!


as i see ,everyone interested in to have a challange, we must choose one guy to lead animation season, i would like to be the guy, if anyone wants to be ,welcome ,can manage, but if every1 accept that i am the one, i can open every 15 days a challange, and i dont want any discuss, it could be this or this is better or anything something like this, challange will have strick rules and who wants to join welcome…what do you think guys? if i get 3 answer as , it is OK! i am going to begin the process…

Best Regards


hey man I say go for it, I don’t think you need three people to say yes. Heck, if it’s just you and me doing challenges for a while im cool with that. I just want to get started. go ahead and start with the first challenge!


ok then, 1st November, new challange is going to begin… good luck)


I would make a small suggestion.
As we all know, good animation is taking way more time then sketching for example. Don’t get me wrong I’m not lowering value of anything but for example you can make a good model a lot faster than polish and create good animation.
That time needed was a big part of low success of animation challenges before, in my opinion.
Most professionals are already working a lot so that leaves very little time to jump in here and also a lot of those challenge ideas were a bit too complex for someone that was just starting.
So for suggestion you could make challenges that would cover specific part of animations or fundamental parts of animation.
For example, jump, sit, stand up, turn around to start with simpler body mechanic, then maybe go with push, pull, weight… So that someone who is just starting can focus on one part of animation only instead of having bunch of things thrown at him.
There is a lot of great rigs around, recently released Malcolm rig from animschool is one of them for Softimage users and so on.
So in short keep it simple and focus on fundamental principles of animation. Once people got those covered everything else is just building on top of that.


Yes i agree, that is an excellent idea. I’m in school now myself and i work so im definitely down with that


The reason why this forum went down was because of time issues and boring topics

First we need an interesting story where we all agree on ,then we form groups comprising of concept artist,modeler etc…To speed up production Im glad to see u guy are gathering here like this…

each challenge should take a months duration.Reflect on the other challenges here that are doing good mainly to the leader of that particular forum "Hardcore modeling challenge,FX wars and the recent Lighting challenges"These leader are very well organized ,they plan ,time and execute the rules flawlessly.

We need some one to take up this task indefinitely also to post some idea or simple story .


Guys id also like to try out for this forum leaders spot.I really think i have what it take to push these event,If ud like to hear my take on this share ure thoughts.I also respectfully agree eggman views but there is room for more improvement in this forum.Are there any other forum leader runner upps?Come forth and let ure voice be heard.



i read the post, i agree with all but as i see still discuss about many things and still no result, so i am always telling you, one of you who thinks can manage the process ,just lead it, to make every1 happy is not possible…but common things can be accaptable, as i told you, if i would lead, i prefer just let me do , or try for 3-4 challange and what do you like or not, send me private message(in the forum its just making mess in the challange time! … or anyone of you can lead it, i would be happy… so please all of you decided together ,then i or someone can lead it, but after decided who will lead, i think it should be respectof the decision of the guy, becase aevery1 has idea, wishes…but to make everything real not possible…please all of you just decided who will lead…we are loosing time just…


Lets say you create this first challenge and after that one is done id try out my idea for the animation challenge.so in that time frame we will go with that person who plots out the best forum structure ,im with u guys any ways.So id say eggman take it away,then after the time frame of ure challenge is over id create mine.
after that the best session challege likes will continue as forum leader.


Honestly when i started this forum I wasn’t thinking about who would be in charge and all that, I was just thinking that this forum should not be dead. Whoever wants to be in charge is fine with me I don’t care, I just want to grow as an animator.


I just wanna make sure that there is always a challenge open.well some one just post a challenge and lets get started,


The first challenge is Novermber the 1st, if nothing gets posted than I would recommend a ball bounce


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