A_Frantsek #DrawDecember Sketchbook thread


Beautiful, christmas mood pictures!


Nice work! Both clean and christmas-y, so thanks for the added holiday feeling :slight_smile:


Guys! Thanks for comments, it encourages me to draw every day C:

Boy and snowballs fight! I walked today near a school and little kids were playing, and thought it’s a good theme for the drawing!


Hi, guys!

Yesterday I found Wacom rules for #drawcember and to be able to win anything "You must be a legal resident of geographical: North America, Canada, Europe,Australia[i] or New Zealand".
See details - http://bit.ly/2jSi0fN

[/i]And, well, I’m from Russia, so I can’t, no matter how hard I try, win anything. That’s a pity 'cause I really love drawing for the challenge so far. D: Sooo I decided to do 1 pic in 2 days. It’ll be less stressful. I’ll still be posting here as well as in my Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/hokutonakatany/ sketches plus final images. Hope at the end I will have nice series of illustration to add to my portfolio.

Well, guys, have a nice day and draw more! ^o^


Sorry to read that hoku, but I’m glad you’ll still be making illustrations.


That really is unfortunate! Sorry about that.
I’m glad you’ll still put some pieces here.
I don’t have instagram. Do you have facebook, or deviantart, or artstation to follow your work?


I’m sorry to hear about the rules :frowning: Location is always difficult to work with when prizes are involved. Your drawings are amazing and they really will make a nice collection. I hope no one is stressing out over the rules and will have fun with it as a personal challenge like you are. I’ll be following you on Artstation :slight_smile:


man this last one is so cool. love the design and colors scheme! I’m sorry to hear about the rules!


Thanks! I’ll continue but a bit more… slowly. C:

I have a facebook, but I don’t show my art there, and artstation is more “formal”, but I’ll add all #drawcember works there at the end. If you want you can follow me - https://www.artstation.com/hokutonakatany

Thanks a lot! <3 I hope it’ll be fun in the first place and it helps to find a rhythm in work - do a little bit, “baby steps” every day.

It’s okay and thanks to you! C:



A sketch of the girl in REALLY big sweater :smiley: Tomorrow I’ll do a coloring for that one.
And I thought maybe a should do some gif with a process? It may be fun to add C:


Voting YES on the progress gif :). I’d love to see how you work.


From your name i found your artstation :slight_smile: thanks


Progress gif! Progress gif! Progress gif!


your ideas are so cool!


Too bad about he rules… I still can’t wait to see what your next works are gonna be !
Your last sketch is frickin’ cute ! I want the colored version now ! :bounce:


Your work is amazing! I followed you on artstation - the way your colors work together is such a pleasure to look at it. Thank you for also continuing to post work here despite the EU rules. :slight_smile:


Guys! Thanks for all kind comments, it’s so freaking nice to be a part of the community and to draw smth good in such a lovely and creative company! You are awesome! :thumbsup:

Thanks! :wink: I’m happy to hear that it might be interesting!

It’s coming! :smiley:

Thank you! It’s a pleasure to hear that! C:


7/22 is still a girl, but now in color C:

I can’t understand how to add a gif animated pic here, so I’ll leave a link - https://vk.com/doc28113883_455552657?hash=23278821bb2be3c35e&dl=ea03a2368da94b8685
If you know how to do it here please let me know in the comments, I really appreciate that! <3


You are very good.
Keep it up!


Hey ! That’s amazing ! That really show how much work went into that illustration. That’s a great process for a great result. Really instructive !

As for your gif, you can try to embed it using code. You only need to put your URL between the img brackets. Your code should look like this :
(img) yourURL (/img)

It also seems that your gif only loops three times.
You should check on that when you export it. I don’t know what you used for this but IF it’s Photoshop, don’t forget to browse the option and make it loop “forever” instead of “once”.

Here, I changed the settings and uploaded it below (hopefully, it works)