A_Frantsek #DrawDecember Sketchbook thread


Hi there!
I’m new here, and I would love to draw for #DrawCember, yay! ^o^ I’ll share all pics here and on my Instagram. Let’s have fun, guys!~


Welcome! :slight_smile:
That means i’m not the only new here. Ehehe


Yay! I got an evergreen tree here. I wanna draw something simple and lovely, like cartoonish objects and characters. Hope I’ll survive that challenge :smiley:
#drawcember #wacom #cgsociety
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Hey there! It’s great to do challenges in the nice community :3 Stay strong and have inspiration :wink:


Thank you :slight_smile:
Loved your first piece! Very nice style


That is amazing! Love the style :o


cool :slight_smile: like the cartoony feel


verycool, love the colours in particularly!


that’s so cute!!


That is so cute!


Guys! Thanks, all of you a lot~! I’m so happy to be with you and draw funny stuff.
Today I’m really tired and get some gingerbread cookie-man :smiley: Hope tomorrow will be better.


That is so cute!


Funny and cute drawings! :slight_smile:


I’d really love to see this modeled in 3D.


What are you talking about… the gingerbread man looks great, and the umbrella lolipop :slight_smile:


This is going to be the “cute” forum thanks to you :slight_smile:


That lil’ gingerbread cookie dude always cracks me up. Literally puts a large smile on my face :slight_smile:


Nice colors. And soft shapes. Good.


Oh, I’m sorry, English is not my first language and I may do some mistakes :c


Oh, maybe someday it’ll become real :smiley: (In 2018 I promise myself to learn ZBrush finally). Thank you!