"a Forest Giant", Michal Matczak (2D)


Title: “a Forest Giant”
Name: Michal Matczak
Country: Poland
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Done in 4 days, a couple of hours each day. Tried to follow Neville Page’s workflow and his attention to details from his Gnomon DVD on rendering Wildebeast. It’s really hard, I did my best, though… :frowning:
I tried to keep it sketchy look, yet kinda finished, not to overbalance it with too much details, too.
Any comments and/or advices would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Added some textures, a background and some retouching, tried to make it look more finished. Hope you like it.


hello there mike…this is good…:). i like how u treated this.


wow~so cool~great forest giant u got!I like it ,so powerful!:twisted: keep it up:scream:


Waheed, TR.HaDEs - thanks for commentsand appreciation.:slight_smile:

As I look at it today, I think I’ll need to imrpove it, some changes to hair and the background is emtpy. I think I’ll add some jungle to it… I’m off to work! :arteest:


Very nice character and style :thumbsup:


nice, but i think his head is too small compared with the rest of his body. And as you said a jungle background would probably be good too…


BlinCk - thanks :slight_smile:

packinpah - you’re right, I overdid it. I wanted to add the scale to it, so he would look enormous. I’ll be corrected in the update. Thanks.


I’ve edited the thread, see the first post. :slight_smile:


Cool, to see u finish, this piece! I would work on the ape more though, try to get the anatomy right, but it seems convincing, I like the treatment of the background, overall compo is really good, Nice!:thumbsup:


Thanks, beelow.Yah, the right leg is a bit off, maybe I’ll correct it sometime. Thanks for good words!


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