a fish, myungsin koo (2D)


Title: a fish
Name: myungsin koo
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Photoshop


nice to meet you~

I imagine dreamy scene~

I went to aquarim in singapore~
I saw big fish to there~Surprised to floating fish in water.
I drew After see to This picture.
ok! I hope that when u see picture,you will be happy~


very good idea .good job:buttrock:


This is great!
Very inspiring and very artistic!
The environment, the whole lighting and the contrasts are mastery performed. And the details…
I love this such exotic dreamy visual!

Hats off Koo!
Amazing portfolio


Amazing, great idea


I absolutely love the piece.
The brushwork, colors and sense of depth stand out.


nice image! very interesting from the artistic point of view, but also from the symbolic side…
I like the mayan guy you have there, it is possible to make magic with images and this is one fine example, did you know that in certain alchemical texts there is a direct reference to a luminous fish “oculla pisci” and “scintillae” as indicators of thresholds of the alchemical process?
I love when I find references for this kind of stuff in many contexts and this image goes to my collection of modern archetypical images, very very interesting-
Good luck and if you have more drawings like this one I would love the check them out!



Wonderfull painting! Brush flow looks magic (like on the tree). Colors, lignting, designs, comp, depth… really appreciated watching it. So thanks for sharing this fabulous moment !
Congrats for the well deserved frontpage !
And thanks to the guy that pushed the frontpage button btw, so lazy guys can see your work ! ^___^


Very cool! Nice use of colors without making it ugly and tacky.


Beautiful Dream…nice concept… :slight_smile:


stunning work, love the poetic aspect of your painting.

Well done!


I love this picture , very dreamy one …

Sorry nothing to crit ^^

I especially like your brush flow :slight_smile:


I became happy :slight_smile:


Awesome picture and detalization! Love the light:)


This is cool, really liked:thumbsup:


Very nice imagination!!!


Great design and very beautiful color.:slight_smile:


Very nice



VERY interesting fish! Awesome illustration. Curious aztec decoration on the surface of the fish. I like the style.


very nice work


Very beautiful work