A finished Silo project


A project to create a series of low poly cars for sale to gamers was started with a 1969 Charger being the first of five. This is all done in Silo with the exception being the studio lighting setting for the renderings.

The Project Page: Classic Muscle Car



Nice model! Clean lines, easy to read silhouette, detailed-just-enough interior. The only thing that keeps jumping out at my eyes is the rather sharp ‘edge’ to the tires. Maybe toss a bevel in there and/or a nice smooth normal map?

Rendering wise… I’d recolour it to be something more neutral, like the ever popular “grey”. Then maybe have a couple shots of ‘coloured’ versions (blue, red, black, white, orange, whatever).


The tires have that sharp look because this is meant to be a low poly vehicle but a bevel on the corner shouldn’t raise that too much. Overall polygon count is 181668 tri’s. I was considering adding a small bit of detail to the tires to mimic raised treads as long as it can be done while keeping the poly count below 200k.

A friend of mine that I work with is going to do the complete unwrapping then set it up with rigging to use in Unreal 4.

You are right about the greyscale image. That will be first on my list of things to do today when I jump back into it. Thanks for the advice and critiques.


Awesome work man!!

How time flies, this is low poly now… i remember when we modeled the cars with a budget of 1000 tris :smiley:


Yes! I remember those days. This will be reduced further by the guy who is going to unwrap it and drop it in Unreal Engine. This is the higher poly model (not necessarily high poly) he will take this and prepare it for use in the engine and ultimately sell it.

How is the game project going, outburner?


Very well man, thanks for asking! I’m implementing a Steam leaderboard and (hopefully) soon will be ready to release :stuck_out_tongue: