A few Silo Questions


Hiya Silo gang,

I’ve had Silo since it shipped as an optional modeler with Electric Image but I’v never really used it. I have been looking around at poly modelers and found that I really liked the way Silo worked but I have a few questions:

Bevel Tool - is there a way to avoid the horrible vertex bevel when round beveling two connected edges? Can I set the number of edges when round beveling without using the options dialogue like I can with Blender using the scroll wheel?

Subdivide mesh - can I subdivide an object to give it a denser mesh without using the subd tool, so I can keep the shape?

Slicing a mesh - can I slice through a whole object by clicking on an edge location rather than selecting an edge, atl -r, x and moving the loop cut to where I want it, deselecting it and doing it again for a second slice of the object?

Many thanks,




Bevel Tool - can you show a screen shot so I can see what you mean? The bevel tool with rounding is fairly new and could use some work to improve it.

Subdivide mesh - No. This, and Partial subdivide (where you could divide only what was selected) are are features that never made it from Silo 1.x into Silo 2.x. Strange but true.

A workaround if you need to do this is to crease all the edges then sub-D and refine the mesh.

Slicing a mesh - You can cut loops without even selecting. Highlight an edge and press Shift-x but you will need to slide/move it into position as it creates the loop from the edge centre.


Hiya Cinnsealach,

Thanks for your response. Those tips work fine, I have sorted the Bevel out myself - just noob issues :slight_smile:

I was also wondering if there is a way to delete a face but leave the edges? Also, is it possible when extruding a face to extrude a new item using the face you have selected?

Thank you,