A few "Set Data" question !


I’m trying XSI ICE and have a few questions :

First: when i get a node “Set Data” and i type in the reference box “self.xyz”, will XSI create a custom data call xyz for the self object ? (I guess so).

Second: How can i make this xyz data a 3D vector or a position ?

Third: After i manipulate the xyz data (assume it’s a 3D vector, or potition now ) the way i like, how can i set it back to the self.PointPosition ?

Thank you and have a good day :slight_smile:


plug in a 3d vector type, it will morph the port type.

to set data on pointpositions you just get a setdata node and add a port called… “Self.PointPosition” it is a built in attribute and it will be a 3d vector type plug your 3d vector in there.


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