A few overall CGTalk improvement ideas.


No poll necessary, as I think the admins can decide if these are valid considerations.

Yesterday I noticed that the controls above the individual forums are different from the controls on the main listing page and the in-thread pages.

Sitewide the controls are:

UserCP - FAQ - Members List - Calendar - New Posts - Search (Drop Down) - Quick Links (Drop Down) - Log Out

In the individual forums it is:

UserCP - FAQ - Members List - Calendar - New Posts - Search (No Drop Down) - New Posts - Mark Forums Read - Open Buddy List - Log Out

I think the variance is slightly confusing, and should be consistant across the site regardless of which is chosen.

I also think that the “Mark Forums Read” button on the front page in the Quick Links drop down is good, but the same button in an individual forum should only apply to that forum, and maybe it’s sub-forums (if it has any).

Another little thing is related to CGProshop and it’s check out pages… on the page where we enter in the shipping/billing info, the tab order of the entry fields should be reconsidered… I cannot remember specifically what the order was, but I recall it being something like…

Address Line 1 <TAB>–> Phone Number <TAB>–> Address Line 2 <TAB>–> Company Name <TAB>–> City… etc.

It was just a little strange.

Another little feature that would be nice pertains to the “Single Post” pages… if I post a link to post 76 in a thread, and later a person who follows the link wants to see that post in context of the thread, they can click on the link in the top right of the page that opens the thread… of course it takes you to page 1 of the thread… I think it should take you to the page that the post resides on based upon the user’s posts per page preferences… (ie. if the user indicates 20 posts per page, post 76 would be on page 4) this would just make things a bit easier…

Perhaps keeping the current “thread” link and adding a link called “Post in Context” or something like that. Anyway, these are just a few ramblings… I’ll likely come up with more, but if this just sounds like nit-picking… feel free to give me a virtual slap.


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