A Fairy World, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)


Title: A Fairy World
Name: Olivier Ponsonnet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Here is a picture I’v made for a french contest.
The subject was “A fairy world”.
My inspirations for the adult fairy (right character): diurnal butterfly, with princess clothing, lace… My aim was to make her beautiful and elegant.
For the little fairy: she’s a mic of night butterfly, firefly and coleopter. I wanted to make her a little original, cute and with and amazed by the spell cast by the other fairy ( butterflies inside bubbles ).

I used the following softwares to complete this picture:
3DS MAX 5.1
And Paint Shop Pro / Photoshop for textures and final compositing.

Hope you’ll like it.


no critics


pfff ca dechire ! :thumbsup:


This rocks!

You hit it dead on!


front page material. Stunning. I give you 10 stars.


Looks Amazing! 5 Stars

Keep It On Man !


that is amazing work,some bigger res pics please.great modeling/lighting and texturing work.congrats.


awesome job, reiv:thumbsup:
will look at it another 30 min. :love:


One word,


Ouaouh, Magnifique !!!


The sharpness of the render and detail works to enhance the magical quality you have beautifully achieved. Fine work!


I live to experience pieces of art like this.


Another outstanding piece of work from you, another great picture to put in my “reiv” favorite artist folder.


wow…Nice!good style,good colour,good painting!:thumbsup:


Oh yeah, this is the artwork I like. Hoping to see more of those coming from you Reiv.





Excellent! What more can be said!?


I donno !!!

edited: I forgot also my salutation :)
added now......



wow! no crit from me. This is an amazing pic. a whole story started to evolve looking at it. amazing! :eek:


Wow! Awesome still! Just superb atmosphere!:smiley: