A Dog's Day 10h15', Aimad Doughan (3D)


Title: A Dog’s Day 10h15’
Name: Aimad Doughan
Country: Belgium
Software: 3DSmax 6.0, Final Toon

Title: A Dog’s Day 10 h 15’
Name: Aimad Doughan
Country: Belgium
Software: 3ds max
A 3 min 3D animation.
I did this animation for my end school calification.
click here to see the movie
I had use 3Dsmax 6.1 and Final Toon


hi rame,

you did a very good job there.
looks like a lot of work.
I really enjoyed the 50th style that you brought over in you little movie. the colors and the interior bring us straight to a tom&jerry feeling.
also some animation studies are verry well done. for example the ringing phone is great.
some others are a bit stiff, especially the dog seems sometimes a bit slow, without weight and not snappy enough, it looks a bit like under water. also how his front legs move and deform his body is a bit off. recomend to study real dogs.

another point that needs more attention is the post.
the cut and the music sometimes makes no sense. for example in the beginning when you cross over between two different music pieces to show the real world and the dogs dream. looking at it the first time I didnt get what you want to tell there and just was confused. It would have been better to just keep one line and for example make the intro just the scene how the dog sleeps and what happens in his dream, switching to reallity and also switching the musik was too much.

I a sure you learned a lot doing this short and I hope you can take my coments to work out things more clear in future projects. all the best from brussels

keep it up :thumbsup:


heaj powaaa… lol

je t ai deja di ce que j en pensais…


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