A Decisive Moment - Support Thread


Welcome to the V-Ray Anniversary Challenge: A Decisive Moment Support Thread.

Please read the FAQ, Terms & Conditions and other posts in this thread before asking a question.

Have fun and good luck.


Cool . . . :slight_smile:


awesoem stuff!


Does the pivotal moment need to be real, or can it be fiction?

Also is Photoshop allowed? I know Vue etc is mentioned but there is no mention of how much photoshop is allowed?


As i can understand there is only free license for students of the workshop. Because im studying my resources are quite limited! So i was wondering whether you could provide the same license for the less fortunate, like me :slight_smile:


Can i use plugins for work?..for example sigershaders vray materials?..or arronway or total textures?


Already joined, I just hope I can get something out of it!! :smiley:

irwit, from what I understand, it can be real or/and fiction. I guess it’s the story that matters.
And reading the rules, you can use Photoshop or whatever other software to compo the image


Did I miss something? Unless the classes are free, how can persons that dont own VRay compete for the prize as VRay is a required component for entries?

What ever happened to “No purchase necessary”. Is this even legal?


Q: What deliverables are there for an image entry?
Final beauty render – rendered in V-Ray.

Yeah, I must have missed something because, what’s the point of having VRay as a prize if I already own it?


Can i enter the challenge using Vray for c4d, or only the chaosgroup original is allowed?


Hi all,

Thanks for your interest in the V-Ray Challenge. In answer to your queries:

  • You don’t need to purchase V-Ray to enter the challenge. A V-Ray demo version can be downloaded from the Chaos Group website. You only need to create an account to be able to download: http://chaosgroup.com/en/2/downloads.html The demo produces watermarked images, but this is not a problem for the purposes of the Challenge.

  • If you are a student and want to purchase the full version of V-Ray, you can do that at a discounted price. For example V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max EDU license costs 74 EUR /114 USD/ 67 GBP per license. To purchase a student license, you need to contact a reseller in your country: http://chaosgroup.com/en/2/purchase.html

  • If you already own a V-Ray license and if you are among the winners of the Challenge, you can pick a V-Ray license for another platform. For example, if you use Max and Maya and only have V-Ray for Max, you can get a V-Ray license for Maya as a prize.

  • Other software is also allowed when making your image; our only requirement is to use V-Ray as your renderer.

  • Fictional decisive moments are as important as real ones! We won’t impose any limitations over your creativity!

The Chaos Group Team


Hi Asier3d, V-Ray for Cinema4D is also allowed in the V-Ray Challenge



I also was wondering if there would be the possibility of a free vray licence for all participants of this challenge. I think for the mudbox challenge a time limited licence of mudbox existed.

I checked the faq. And it says:
What are the Final Image technical requirements?
Dimensions: At least 2560 x 1600 pixels or, at least 1600 x 2560 pixels. File type/extension: High quality JPG / .jpg

But the vray demo will only render at a max resolution of 600x450px. So,if i dont want to render in tiles, just use the demo will not work, .

I would realy like to participate in this challenge. But right now, i don´t have the money to buy a cgs-workshop or a vray licence.

It would be great if we could use the same licence as the workshop participans.

Thank you

V-Ray for Maya Demo Limitations

  • produces watermarked images
  • does not support Distributed Rendering
  • reset the settings regularly
  • max resolution 600x450
  • up to 5 lights


can i make some compositing for the vray rendering image in photoshop or a similar program?


can give you the information to insert images WIP
then filing tansferer for final

because after multiple tests it is impossible
thank you




Pouvez vous donner les informations pour insérer les images WIP ( Travaux )

Puis pour transférer l’image final

car après multiples essais cela est impossible





I can understand product tie-ins (free time-limited vray with purchase of training course), but in a contest, all participants must be on level playing field without a need to make a purchase to compete. Now, unless they have removed the image size restrictions on all the Vray demo’s, then I think we still have a problem with this contest.

They (ChaosGroup/CgSociety) would’ve done better by offering the training course participants a discount off the price of purchasing a license of VRay instead, and just give every registered contest a free time-limited vray.

This isnt the first contest with required software usage, but its the first contest where the required software is not provided for free as time-limited.

I own a Vray license, FYI.


Ehhh… it looks like no one loves 2D art anymore…
I really like the competitions. It’s always a great opportunity to improve skills and meet (at least virtually :wink: ) many talented people. But if there are software restrictions, then many of us must focus most of all on learning the tool, not the theme of competition and developing the idea… or not compete at all…



It seem a great challenge…

I have one thing I didnt understand in terms and conditions…item 28 :
(Ballistic Media reserves the right to suspend, shorten, modify or [COLOR=Blue]cancel the challenge at its sole discretion.[/COLOR])

Is it mean you can cancel or modify the challenge in any time?



Pantoz makes a valid point… how will this be addressed?


VrayforC4D allowed yes ?