A Debut gift


Hi to all, I’m just new to human modeling and I decided to start off on my friend’s face since it’ll be her debut on may 31. I was having second thoughts on posting a thread on modeling her since I’m just a newbie and guessing that it wouldn’t be that interesting to see some new guy modeling human’s.But then I thought what the heck, it’s ok to give it a shot.:slight_smile: Anyway these are my references very little though since most of her shots are quarter views in her networking accounts…

I do hope some people can help me with this since I’ve got a month to complete it for a gift since she’s left our batch for a long time I thought I’d send her this as a surprise gift


Here’s the progress I’ve had so far


I feel something wrong with the side view, I cant seem to get her nose and face quite properly when I preview smooth it. Oh and by the way, can anyone suggest about the neck? thanks:)


dang this whole thing reminds me of portrait drawing back when I was so blank at it. I feel like I got the shape but somehow the model looks totally different from the picture. it seems like I can’t get the dimple of her face, and the lips. Any suggestions?

i do hope someone can critiq on this and give me some tips :slight_smile:


i did a few tweaking here and there and so far this is what I got. Hope it’s going fine


this is what I did btw to get the dimple right


btw I’m not really going to model the whole human head like the ears since her hair always covers it up and I’ve only got a month to go to fix it up to her likeness,do the hair,texture and render it as beautiful as possible. Wish someone could tell me if I’m doing right so far. Dang I wish I knew how to use zbrush:rolleyes:


I think I’m going to have to repeat this. Guys think my wireframes are a mess? please comment :slight_smile:


hhmm i’ve deleted some edges that i felt was unnecessary and ruins the back proportions so here’s the new update


whew…i feel like this will look like someone else once I start adding in the eyes eyebrow and hair. This is my first human model so I hope it can be good enough and this’ll be my gift for my friend

any suggestions on what might be wrong?


hhmm do hairs really start as nurbs to get the feel of where it would flow?


I think the neck needs to be a bit wider. It should be about the thickness of the cranium.


ohh thanks man :slight_smile:


here’s a little update. I wanna put as much detail as possible on the front view since that’s what I’ll be rendering out and sending as a gift so here’s what I did for her eyes

C&C really welcome to tell me if I’m going the right way or not:shrug:


why do I get the feeling that she somehow looks like a psycho killer? hhmm maybe coz it doesnt have the hair yet, but still… any suggestions?



good start, but you should pay close attention to the edge loops and edge flows of your model. personally i prefer the poly-by-poly method vs. box modeling, but you should also try avoiding adding way too much geometry in the beginning of the process because you will just get overwhelmed with all the geometry to tweak; add as you proceed into the next steps. good luck.


hi tastyUdon,

thanks for the crit, i was beginning to feel hopeless modeling this without getting feedbacks if i was doing right :D. hhmm i did have a hard time with alot of the unnecessary edges at the start. this is my first time modeling a human :argh:.

I got a few tips here and there from several sites and digital tutors which mostly influenced my modeling, i lack the imagination though with poly by poly method thats why i swtiched to box modeling. Again thanks. I’ll watch out for useless loops :smiley:


btw question to anyone who could suggest. Should I still model her ears? Since her hair is really long and thick that a lot of my reference shots has her ears always covered. Thanks:wavey:


You could just do a simple base shape instead of every little detail. Just so you have something to work with when positioning the hair.


oookk… I’m thinking bout remodeling the whole thing because I think I messed up my first try and kinda not satisfied with what’s happening. I’ll be updating the new modeling by tomorrow :slight_smile: