A Day In Valcour, Nicolas Richelet (3D)


Title: A Day In Valcour
Name: Nicolas Richelet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Here i tried to represent the entrance of an old old mansion, located in Ardèche, France. I spent several days here and i found the atmosphere very quiet and inspirating. So i tried to give the same feeling through this image.
The stone is made of a mix between bump and displacement.
Ivy is made with the max’s particle flow.

>> Hi resolution image <<


Perfect work…

More realistic ivy I’ve ever seen… :thumbsup:


Who’s “C”? :slight_smile:
Heh. Just kidding.
Nice work. Good light. I think you accomplished creating an atmosphere: I’d like to be there!


This is an amazing work Congratulations.


very realistic. great work!


Perfect work…
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


excellent work very realistic …

I think the lights and shadows are perfect like modeling …
texturing can still be improved but very good taff indeed :wink:


Excellent work!
Very realistic and then this image evokes stories.
Continue like that!


Holy fudgesticles! Awesome work! Perfect texturing and lighting! :thumbsup:

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thanks guys !

A little wire :


Amazing! love these materials. could you tell a little bit about them? could you show us wall texture and bump/specular/displacement/any map you used? thanks in advance :slight_smile:




WoW ! :eek:

hi :slight_smile:

Please …:sad:


How Do Settings Lights VRay ?



settings doesnt light vray…hehe just kidding…
perfect texturing…so is lighting


Very nice work:)

You should name it keep it simple


Christ, what a beauty.


very nice work- it’s come along way since ‘hells door’ :slight_smile:


stunning textures and details
very realistic and yes its come along way since last i saw it
nice job


perfect and realistic indeed :wink:



aoouu arrghh