A cute little girl named "Meline"



I love this thread, its great to see some people really getting stuck into hair dynamics and shaders. Not only that, its really nice to see your progress on how to do it. I hate to ask but is there any chance of a link to where you found any relevant information for your wip, ie shaders, dynamics tutorials etc. Its such an effective result im intrigued with regards how you achieved it thats all.

Ps i think the girl looks her age atm, i keep looking at the chin and the indentation at the bottom of her neck just below the adams apple, it looks a little too deep. Maybe just a perspective issue.

Keep up the great work. look forward to updates.



Yeah i’m also thirsty for informations and updates, hey knowlesmark5 if you are interested and want to know more about hair dynamics and informations there is a full DVD tutorial that Gnomon School produced and it’s very deep in explaining the hair and fur techniques i saw it once with a friend but i didn’t practice it well.:sad:


Thanks flaming glow, i have some gnomon workshop PS tuts and they are really good. I have played with hair and fur on an old guy before and the results where good but never touched dynamics on a full head of hair, something i will have to look into.



Hey Guys! :o)

We are working on it but since we only have access to our ftp during the weekends, we can’t show you the progression right now :o) Anyway, this weekend, i’ll post the latest video.

We have worked on the skin shader (misss_fast_skin) and its texture. It’s very quick even though i’m working on a laptop :o)

Also, for the Hair dynamic tutorials and documentations, you can use the help (f1) from Maya.
I used that, it’s very detailed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:
Sebastien LABAN


I forgot! :scream:

About the tutorials. we’ll try to explain as much as we can (with images of the viewport, hypergraph etc) :slight_smile:

Sebastien LABAN


As promised : Big Update! :o)

As you can see, we are working on the skin shader and textures for the head.

C&Cs Welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the lack of information, I have to run. More details later, promise :slight_smile:
Sebastien LABAN


Looking good sebastien. You might want to try and fix up the scalp seam; the hairs are just kind of protruding through the flesh awkwardly at the top of her forehead. I still think the hair is too poofy. Real hair lays a bit flatter…don’t get me wrong, it looks nice, just not real. Skin shader looks good.


thanks for the feedbacks stuh505! :slight_smile:

I see want you’re saying. She has propably a little to much volume in the hair :slight_smile:
We tried to roughly assemble le head with the rest of the body… and something’s weird… though we aren’t looking for a photo-realistic character… more like a stylised realistic girl (like Boo in “Monsters Inc”) :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll photoshop her to find a better and balance the whole thing :o)

Thanks again! :o)
Sebastien LABAN



So here is a little making of.

The final render was done with 2 passes.
1 - The Hair : rendered with Maya Software and Paint Effects (renderTime : 3minutes)
2 - The Head : rendered with Mental Ray (Hair was converted into polygons to affect the light) (renderTime : 1min 30sec)

The head lighting was calculated with Final Gather, various omnis for the Specular and a “misss_fast_skin” shader (color+spec+bump textures).


There! :slight_smile:
Sebastien LABAN


Looks good cant wait to see the finished version.


Dude you’re truly the best lighting artist I’ve ever seen in a long time thanks to your running away short and I’m glad you’ve improved your modelling skills as well a lot better than before (liked the eyes shader as well:) .Even though it’s a side project is it also the image of the girl that you aimed for yor short? (you know the girl that the boy was after in your short?)

Et biens encore vous etes incroyable et j’aime beacoup votre progress :thumbsup:


:: hoodedpython ::
Me too, i can’t wait! :o) We’re working on the cloth right now.
We’ll do the subtle changes (details on the hair etc) later :slight_smile:

:: Annhialator ::
Hey ! Glad you enjoyed my “Running Away” short film. I had a lot of fun creating this :slight_smile:
Very exhausting though :scream:
Anyway, Meline is not the girl for “Running Away”. It’s just a common poject with my girl :love:
Nice one on the french sentence :o)

Cheers! :stuck_out_tongue:
Sebastien LABAN


Hey you all! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a Little update!
The test animation of the head with all the hair/skinShader/etc :o)
Very funny :slight_smile:

[color=orange]PLAY VIDEO (wireframe) (2mo)[/color]

Sebastien LABAN


She’s really beautiful, and thanks for sharing with us how you did the hair, really useful for hair beginners like me! Really good shader too.



Thanks! :o)
We are having a lot of fun doing that !!! :o)

Sebastien LABAN


Hey Everyone! Little update of Meline! :o)

We are working on the dynamic of the clothes. She is wearing a dress.

Just want you let you see where we are right now :slight_smile:

Sebastien LABAN


Great work man, I really like your other posts too. This little girl has alot of character, I can’t wait to see where you go with this one :slight_smile:

Keep it up, and keep us posted :slight_smile:


Hey sebastien,

This is a great model, very nice looking. I agree with the hair issues,but this model looks like FF : AC 2 material. Keep it up. :slight_smile:


:: XTitan ::
We are trying to merge the head (with hair etc) with the rest of the body, making the textures of the cloth etc. I’ll post a pix ASAP :o)

:: Kurosaki Ichigo ::
Yep :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll do a second pass on that later in the process. We’re trying to have the whole model complete so wa can work on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the nice comments :slight_smile:
Be back soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Sebastien LABAN


Hey, very nice work. The girl looks adorable.

I’m trying to use paint effects hair too. It looks great so long as the character stays still, but when I move the character the hair goes really crazy. Is it because of any built in secondary action force or something? Is there a setting I can use so that it stays frozen when the character moves?

Looking forward to an update :thumbsup: